Iran will show the power of its missile between the US and the United States, the Air Force has shown its strength

Iran has begun maneuvers with fighter jets and drones built on its own, demonstrating the strength of its air force. Iran’s Air Force has made extensive preparations for this. This exercise will run from eight airports for two days. There will be various types of maneuvers including testing of missiles as well as refueling of aircraft in the air.

A decade ago, the United Nations banned Iran from purchasing weapons from abroad, which ended in October. This is Iran’s second maneuver since then. Iran now wants to buy aircraft based on the latest technology after a long ban. It still has only older aircraft such as the F-14, F-4S and F-5S purchased from the US. The US had separated itself from Iran before the end of the agreement regarding sanctions imposed on Iran, accusing Iran of violating the agreement. There is equal tension between the US and Iran.

When the bitterness in relations between the United States and Iran seemed to be lessening, then President Barack Obama made the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action in 2015. After this, the US entered into a nuclear deal with Iran, in which Iran talked about restricting the nuclear program, but Trump canceled the agreement by taking a unilateral decision as soon as he came to power. At the same time, many new sanctions were also imposed on Iran. Trump not only imposed sanctions on Iran, but also threatened the countries of the world, saying that anyone who does business with this country will not be able to have a business relationship with the US. This also led to differences between the US and Europe.

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