Trump vs Biden: Now we have to wait for the results of the presidential election, know what is the big reason

Voting for the presidential election has begun in the US. The picture of victory and defeat is usually cleared on the night of the voting in America, but this time the election results will be delayed due to Corona epidemic. The biggest reason behind this is that this time many voters in America have voted through mail and mail, which can be delayed in counting. However, in the US, voting night counting does not end, but so many votes are counted that it is easy to predict victory and defeat.

Difficulty in estimating trends

More people have already voted via mail this year due to the Corona epidemic. It takes more time to count the number of postal votes cast by post, as they take longer to complete the process of identifying voters. In some states, such as Florida and Ohio, identification work begins earlier. This process starts soon after the postal voting in these states. This makes it easy to guess who is winning the election.

There will be delay in getting results in states

Results are expected to be delayed in many states, as counting of postal votes may take longer. Those in serious medical condition or those who are away from their state are entitled to vote through the Postal Service. Postal votes take longer than a normal ballot because the signature on each vote is matched to the voting registration. Only then the vote is considered valid. In 2016, it took more than a month for the final vote to be counted.


Large number of postal ballots become major hurdles

Due to the large number of postal ballots, the trends will also remain irregular. In this process, the process of up and down is faster. Taking the lead in the initial phase will make it difficult for a candidate to decide defeat and victory, as the results change very rapidly. There are two basic ways of voting in America. The person can vote on the first election day. Secondly, he can also cast his vote through Mail in Ballot.

Different rules for counting votes

Secondly, every state has different rules for counting votes. In Florida, for example, counting of postal votes begins on election day, but in most states the counting of votes begins late. In addition, more than eight crore votes have been cast by post in the presidential election this year, while in 2016 only half of the votes were cast. Due to this, there is an extra load on the postal service. In addition, the US Postal Service is also facing budget cuts. The effect on the postal service is bound to fall. 

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