America revolts Beijing over Corona epidemic, says – is not sharing information

A senior US government official on Tuesday accused the World Health Organization (WHO) of not sharing information related to its investigation in China regarding the animal’s origin from the corona virus. US Department of Health and Human Services officer Garrett Grisby said the WHO is not sharing the criteria set in its China mission to other countries.


He made this statement while addressing a meeting of the United Nations Health Agency via video conference. This meeting will last for a week. In terms of the WHO’s China mission criteria, Grisby said, “The mission objectives and points of inquiry were not discussed in a transparent manner with all members of the WHO.” It is noteworthy that the WHO’s plan to find out which animal spread of coronavirus in China has been stuck. At the same time, some scientists believe that China is still hiding important information about the ongoing research in this matter. So far, more than five crore cases of corona virus have been reported worldwide and 12.6 lakh people have died.

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