NASA issued warning about three asteroids coming in the way of Earth

The US Space Agency National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has issued a warning since November 10 about three asteroids orbiting more than 30 meters in diameter along the path of the Earth with a double top.

Asteroid Space Rock 2020 will cross the planet UN3 at an estimated split of 4.4 million kilometers, usually in a large part of the Statue of Liberty (46 m). At 5.8 million kilometers, not long and practically twice the size, 72 meters 2020 UH will be able to take 3 shots. If one were to guess the width of 34 meters of the Space Rock 2020 VC on November 12, or generally a large portion of the 747’s wings. It is set to move 5.2 million kilometers away from the planet.

NASA spacecraft lands on asteroid Bennu, will deposit soil from the surface

NASA’s spacecraft had recently landed on the asteroid. This spacecraft has been sent to collect dust and soil from the surface of the asteroid. The spacecraft’s robotic arm attempted to collect a sample from the surface of the asteroid Bennu on Tuesday. This asteroid is currently 32 million 10 million kilometers from Earth.

NASA tweeted about this, ‘Preliminary data shows that sample submission was done as planned. More information will be revealed after data collection events reach the earth in a series of ways. ‘

 The giant planet is moving towards Earth

In October, NASA scientists warned that the giant asteroid is rapidly gaining momentum and it is moving towards the Earth’s orbit. He said that this asteroid could hit the Earth in the next 48 years. This asteroid may hit Earth on 12 April 2068. A collision can cause major catastrophe on the earth. The asteroid is about 1000 feet wide and its impact may be equivalent to 88 million tons of TNT explosions.

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