Person traveling to US reached Vanuatu island, corona infected, quarantine to travel in flight

The Corona virus has also reached Vanuatu island in the South Pacific Ocean. The 23-year-old man who traveled here from the US has become corona infected here. This person is quarantined after the infection is confirmed. This is the first case of Corona here. Explain that the Pacific Ocean was in a nation that was untouched by this virus. Health officials say that the 23-year-old youth returned to his country on November 4 with asymptomatic symptoms. In this case, after this young man’s test, corona infection was confirmed in him. Officials said he was planning to quarantine all passengers traveling with that flight. Also, people coming in contact with this infected person are being traced. Please tell that America is the most infected country in the world at this time. 

America is the most infected country in the world

Please tell that the infection is increasing here every day. The second wave of Corona epidemic in America is worsening the situation. This is the reason that due to this the number of corona victims has increased to more than one crore four lakhs. So far, more than two lakh 40 thousand patients have died in the US. The number of corona victims in Texas has reached one million. While the number of victims in California has reached close to one million. In Florida too, the figure of corona patients has reached eight and a half million.

At the same time, US President Donald Trump accused the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and pharmaceutical company Pfizer of deliberately not announcing Coronavirus Vaccine before the election, because it could have won them. 

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