Ponpio’s disputed statement, said – Trump will be peaceful transfer for second term of administration

The outgoing Foreign Minister, Mike Ponpio, created a political stir on Tuesday by saying that the transfer of power would be done in a peaceful manner for the second term of the Donald Trump-led administration. However, when his comments raised controversy, he clarified that he was hopeful that there would be an easy transfer of power. It is believed that the Foreign Minister did not accept the victory of Joe Biden and the defeat of the outgoing President Trump in the election by making such a statement.

Officials and diplomats expressed surprise at Ponpio’s statement

Officials and diplomats associated with the Ministry of External Affairs are surprised at Ponpio’s statement. Ponpio said, ‘For the second term of the Trump administration, power will be transferred in a peaceful manner. We are ready. The world is watching what is happening here. We are going to count each vote.

Why was the transfer of power delayed, the media fired questions

At the Foreign Ministry headquarters ‘Foggy Bottom’, he questioned reporters whether his department was preparing to make a peaceful transfer of power to the elected president and if not, why it was delayed or whether it was in a peaceful manner. Transfer will not be done! When asked if he believed in rigging in the election, he said that he was receiving calls from all over the world in this regard.

Joe Biden wins clear election: Kamala Harris 

Kamala Harris, the elected Vice President of the United States, said the Americans were clearly in favor of Joe Biden and had a clear victory over current President Donald Trump by securing the most votes in the country’s history. According to the New York Times, Biden has received 7.64 million votes so far and has the support of 279 of the 538 members of the Presidential Electoral College. In contrast, the outgoing President Trump has received 7.17 crore votes and has the support of 214 members of the electoral college.

Counting for 45 members of the electoral college still continues 

The counting of votes for the 45 members of the electoral college is still going on. It is necessary to get the support of at least 270 members of the electoral college to be elected president. Harris tweeted on Tuesday, ‘We have elections and our country has clearly stated its choice.

Wins with the most votes in American history

Every vote in favor of Joe Biden states that health insurance is a right, not a privilege, and we have won a clear victory with the most votes in American history. Harris shared the stage with Biden in Wilmington, Delaware, saying, “The number of these voices is about 7.5 million.” Hearing of the case by the Supreme Court is nothing else but an attempt to change the will of the people and the decision of the elected President which will never be allowed to happen. ‘

Survey: 80 percent of Americans believe Biden won the presidential election

In a survey conducted by Reuters and IPSOS, 80 percent of Americans believe that Biden has won the presidential election. Half of those who were questioned in this regard were members of the Republican Party. – The judge has rejected the petition filed in Michigan and Georgia province against rigging in the elections. Now Trump Campaign is preparing to file a petition in Michigan.

Vice Marshal Kernan announced his resignation after the dismissal of the Defense Minister

 Under Secretary of Intelligence in the Ministry of Defense, Joseph Marshall, (retd) Joseph Kernen has announced his resignation after Trump sacked Defense Minister Mark Esper.

The Democrats will have a majority in the House of Representatives for two more years

– The Democrats will hold a majority in the House of Representatives for two more years. The party has so far won 218 of the 435 seats in the House. This number is likely to increase as the counting of votes continues. The party had earlier won 232 seats.

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