Removed Indian Neil Chatterjee as the head of the US Energy Regulatory Agency, know the reason

After the presidential election in the US, the Trump administration removed the head of the federal energy regulator, Bharatvanshi Neil Chatterjee. Chatterjee says he has been demoted to support clean energy. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) announced on November 5 that President Donald Trump had appointed James Dunley to replace Chatterjee, the agency’s chairman. Dunley recently opposed FERC’s order supporting clean energy after he became commissioner of the commission in March.

Chatterjee, who was removed from the post of political appointee after the presidential election on November 3, is a high-ranking official. Trump also removed Defense Minister Mark Asper on Monday. FERC is responsible for overseeing the electricity market and ensuring fair rates, approving applications for infrastructure projects and roles in the cyber security and defense sectors.

According to CCN, Chatterjee recently supported policies for electric vehicles, solar on rooftops and other solutions for clean energy. In contrast, Trump strongly supported coal as an energy source, which is rapidly losing its importance to solar and wind power.

Neil Chatterjee said, sleep well last night

Chatterjee told CNN Business, “I knew that the path I have taken can be a setback.” Chatterjee came to the commission in 2017. His tenure as chairman lasted from August to December in 2017 and from October 2018 to November 5. He said, ‘I was afraid, but even if it is a demotion blow, I am still very moderate. I have done the right thing, I am proud of it. I slept well last night. ‘

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