Tales of atrocities on Uigars will form part of museum, atrocities perpetrating in China

The Holocaust Memorial Museum in America is now recording stories of the atrocities of Uygar Muslims from China. Records of these stories will be kept there. These Uygar Muslims have fled from the Xinjiang province of China to America or are living there. They are considering themselves lucky to come out of China. These Turkic Uygar Muslims constitute 45 percent of China’s Xinjiang province. The Chinese administration is persecuting the community on cultural, religious and economic grounds. They are victims of discrimination of all kinds and at all levels. 

Records of atrocities
Uygar American social activist Roushan Abbas has exposed the inhuman atrocities on Uygars in Xinjiang. Told that women are being physically and mentally tortured in Xinjiang. Unknown bearing injections are being administered by holding them. It is believed that women are being sterilized through this injection, so that the population of Uygars should not increase. Abbas said that his sister in China is facing the punishment for speaking in America. He is being tortured in every way. The Chinese government has taken him into custody along with another woman so that he (Abbas) does not say anything about Xinjiang in America. 
Roushan Abbas’s family originally belongs to the Uygar Muslim community living in Xinjiang. The Chinese government has been pressurizing the community to leave their mark for decades. The government is asking the community to adopt the customs and way of life of the majority Han community so that there is uniformity in the country.
The second victim of Chinese tyranny is 37-year-old Bahram Sintash. He has been searching for his 70-year-old missing father Qurban Mamut for the last three years. He suddenly went missing from his residence in Xinjiang. Mamut was a journalist and was arrested by the Chinese police on his return to Xinjiang after coming to America to meet his son Bahram. Now they are not known.
Sintash is living in the US and raising voice for the Uygars. In 2009, he was also involved in a demonstration in Washington DC in this regard. He believes that his father has disappeared for the same reason. Tales of the atrocities on Mamatzan Zuma have also been recorded in the Memorial. 
Petition to stop China’s atrocities in ICC
The exiled government of eastern Turkistan has filed an application in the International Criminal Court (ICC) seeking cooperation to stop the atrocities on Turkic Muslims in China. It is said that the massacre of the indigenous people is taking place in eastern Turkistan, people are being vanished upon raising their voice. Prime Minister of the exiled government Salih Hundayar has said that we request all governments and especially the ICC to cooperate in our case against China. The Chinese government is heavily torturing and massacring the country’s Uygar, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Uzbek and other Turkic Muslims. The government statement said that the petition filed in the ICC has the support of more than 60 MPs from 16 countries. The petition states that the actions of the Chinese government are crimes against humanity. Immediate steps should be taken to stop them. 

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