US Election 2020: President Donald Trump may be disappointed by this investigation of New York Times, know what is the report

After the presidential election is over in the US, a round of accusations by the two major parties has started in the election rigging. The pre-election Democratic Party feared President Donald Trump was rigged in the US election. The picture reversed after the election, Now after his defeat, President Donald Trump of the Republican Party is loudly raising the issue of disturbances in the election. President Trump and his allies have accused him of massive fraud. He said that the new President Joe Biden won by cheating.

During this time, New York Times has approached the election officials of all the states and tried to know the truth of these allegations. In many states, The Times has had talks with election officials. According to a report by The Times, these officials said that the allegations of rigging in the election are factless and untrue. Negotiations between the New York Times and state election officials may disappoint the Republican Party. Let us know what the Election Officer says –

Times investigated on Monday and Tuesday

The New York Times contacted the offices of the top state election officials in the US state on Monday and Tuesday to investigate whether the election was rigged. Is there illegal voting? Is there evidence for this? Officials in 45 states responded directly to The Times. Especially in the four states where there have been allegations of rigging in the elections. Talked to statewide officials in these states, but top election officials across the country said in their interviews and statements that despite all the complications of the Corona epidemic, there was a record turnout. This is a notable success.



Election officials representing both political parties in Philadelphia have rejected the rigging in the US election. He said that there is no strong evidence that fraud or other irregularities were incurred in the result of the post of President.



A spokeswoman for the top election official in Texas said there were some minor issues that have been resolved. He said that the election has been very careful. There has been no rigging in the state. On Tuesday, Republican Republican Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick announced a prize of US $ 1 million to prove the voter fraud report. Let me tell you that Donald Trump has won big in Texas. Trump won 52.2 percent of the votes, while Joe Biden received 46.4 percent of the vote. In this state, the Democratic Party had made allegations of rigging.


The state’s top law enforcement officer, who was accused of rigging the President’s lawyer Rudolph W. Giuliani in Pennsylvania, said there was no truth in his claims. They do not have convincing evidence of rigging of the election. He said that elections in the state have been fair, free and secure.

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