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Mogoeng’s All African Alliance Movement to address wild “Decay” & “Foreigners”

The movement, headed by former Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng, which launched its campaign on Saturday, stated that it seeks to bring together South Africa’s political, economic, and spiritual elements.

The Former Chief Justice launched the All African Alliance Movement (AAAM)

According to EWN, the newly formed All African Alliance Movement (AAAM), which has nominated the former Chief Justice as its candidate for president for the 2024 elections, claims to be responding to a systemic decay.

The former Chief Justice served as South Africa’s Chief Justice from September 2011 to October 2021. In 2019, it was Mogoeng that ruled that independents have a right to run for political office. Mogoeng’s ability to run for political office has been questioned by many.


The former Chief Justice’s movement encompasses various groupings inside the nation, from faith to social groups,” said Bishop Meshack Tebe, the movement’s general secretary.

“Our main focus is that we looked at the current state of the Republic of South Africa in particular so that we could respond to what we see as system decay,” Tebe added.

He stated that their vision is to unite all the country’s independent churches, and indigenous and religious services into a cohesive fraternity.

Former Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng's All African Alliance Movement party says that intend to address decay, foreigners.

“This allows us to start thinking about changing the direction the nation wants to go, toward a more composed and organized approach.”

Tebe also stated that the movement’s goal is to address the “question of foreign nationals” in South Africa.

“According to the former Chief Justice: “We want to address the issue of foreigners in the Republic of South Africa in particular. It will undoubtedly lead to us forging ahead in terms of dealing with it. We all agree that we are not xenophobic. We agree that all people coming from other countries must be documented, and yes, I believe it will give us a lot of leverage in terms of developing the republic’s infrastructure” Tebe concluded.

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