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Berdine Odendaal: Jooste’s “150k/pm Side Chick”

bernadine odendaal on the balcony of her bantry bay apartment

Berdine Odendaal: A Deep Dive into the World of Lavish Luxury Amidst the Markus Jooste Saga

Amid the unfolding Markus Jooste saga, one name has emerged as synonymous with opulence and extravagance – Berdine Odendaal. As the central figure in this gripping drama, Odendaal’s lifestyle has not only left onlookers in awe but has also sparked intrigue, painting a picture of a life most could only dream of.

Allegations have recently come to light, alleging that Markus Jooste, the former Steinhoff CEO, directed a staggering R60 million in loans to Odendaal, his romantic partner. This revelation has thrust her into the public eye, exposing the extent of her financial affluence and the high-society world she effortlessly inhabited.

Jooste, already under intense scrutiny for potential violations of foreign exchange regulations, which resulted in colossal investor losses exceeding R200 billion, now faces even more profound scrutiny due to his financial ties with Odendaal. The intricate web of their financial dealings continues to unravel, capturing the imagination of a fascinated public.

berdine odendaal, ex steinhoff boss markus jooste's mistress.
Berdine Odendaal, ex Steinhoff boss Markus Jooste’s ‘side chick’.

The Extravagant Lifestyle of the R150k per Month Side Chick

Before delving into the financial intricacies, it is essential to comprehend the lifestyle that Berdine Odendaal enjoyed. Her monthly income of R150,000 served as a mere entry point into her world of luxury. From her impeccable fashion choices to her indulgence in the finest dining experiences, Odendaal spared no expense in her pursuit of life’s most exquisite pleasures.

Reports have suggested that the R60 million in loans, allegedly funnelled through Mayfair Spectators, a horse racing company associated with Jooste’s family trust, served as the financial lifeblood of Odendaal’s lavish lifestyle. These loans purportedly flowed over several years, further fueling the perception that she was indeed “swimming in cash.”

The Seizure of Assets

As the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) took decisive action by attaching her assets in 2021, Odendaal found herself in a unique predicament. Her requests for access to funds provided a glimpse into the scope of her extravagant tastes. The allocations included a jaw-dropping R10,000 for hair, makeup, and beauty expenses, an additional R4,000 for a domestic worker, and substantial costs associated with the care of her beloved horses, which had become an integral part of her luxurious lifestyle.

A monthly allowance of R150,000 was eventually agreed upon, ostensibly to maintain her ongoing extravagance. However, her subsequent attempts to have the SARB cover her legal expenses seemingly backfired, resulting in the central bank halting all financial support, leaving her financial situation hanging precariously in the balance.

A Life in the Limelight

Despite the legal turmoil surrounding her, Odendaal’s ostentatious lifestyle remained a focal point of public fascination. Jooste’s family trust, Silver Oak, may have contested the perception of his wealth, valuing his assets at a modest R100 million, a far cry from the rumoured billions. Nonetheless, the allure of Odendaal’s extravagant living and her association with Jooste continued to captivate the public’s imagination.

Ex Steinhoff CEO Markus Jooste in Parliament
Ex Steinhoff CEO Markus Jooste in Parliament

The detailed list of assets earmarked for seizure by the SARB, including valuable artwork, substantial financial holdings, loans receivable, luxury vehicles, jewellery, and personal belongings, paints an awe-inspiring picture of a life steeped in luxury.

Legal Battles and Financial Turmoil

In a recent courtroom development, Odendaal’s plea for continued financial support from the SARB was denied, reinforcing the image of a woman who had seemingly revelled in her opulent lifestyle. Her legal battles with the central bank, coupled with the weight of the Jooste saga, have cast a shadow over her life of extravagance.

Berdine Odendaal’s life of excess and extravagance, allegedly funded by R60 million in loans, stands as a compelling narrative of the allure of unimaginable wealth. Her role in this unfolding financial saga has not only left observers astounded but also raised profound questions about the fine line between lavish luxury and the complex legal challenges she now faces.

As the saga continues to unfold, the public remains captivated by the enigmatic figure at its centre, Berdine Odendaal, and the tantalizing world of opulence and excess she once embodied. In the grand theatre of finance and intrigue, her story is far from over, and the world watches with bated breath for the next captivating chapter.

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Berdine Odendaal: Living the High Life

Amid the Markus Jooste saga, the name Berdine Odendaal has become synonymous with opulence and extravagance, painting a portrait of a seemingly perfect life. At the age of 34, this Paarl native has established herself as the embodiment of a life most can only dream of—a life that revolves around luxurious settings, glamorous vacations, and polo holidays in Europe.

Odendaal’s story reads like a script from the pages of a glossy magazine. Her luxury apartment in Bantry Bay boasts a glass-walled pool that seemingly merges with the ocean, providing the perfect backdrop for a life lived in the lap of luxury. When she’s not lounging by the pool, Odendaal can often be found sailing on her yacht in the Mediterranean, indulging in the ultimate in leisure during her polo holidays in Europe.

Bernadine Odendaal overlooking the balcony of one of her properties.
Bernadine Odendaal overlooking the balcony of one of her properties.

It’s an idyllic existence that prompts many to ask, “Does life get any better?” However as reports suggest, her life is allegedly funded by the disgraced former head of Steinhoff, Markus Jooste.

In the social circles around Odendaal and Jooste, conversations often revolve around the lavish lifestyle Jooste allegedly provided for his girlfriend. They say Jooste would fly her around in helicopters, ensuring that she experienced the very best life had to offer.

Odendaal’s residence in the Bantry Bay apartment appears linked to Jooste, evident in records at the deeds office. Furthermore, they share the same post office box in Pretoria: PO Box 17328, Groenkloof, Pretoria. Notably, Jooste, his wife Ingrid, and Odendaal all list the same PO Box in Somerset-West: PO Box 902, Somerset Mall.

As for Odendaal’s activities beyond the realm of leisure, she is a fixture in polo circles, having competed in Argentina and attended social events associated with the sport in the exclusive enclave of St Tropez, France. Jooste, a significant player in the local horse racing scene, has publicly stated ownership of between 200 and 250 racehorses, alongside a stake in Klawervlei stud farm near Bonnievale in the Western Cape. Odendaal, known for her two Argentinian polo ponies, does not appear to hold a conventional job.

When comparing Berdine Odendaal’s asset portfolio to that of Jooste’s wife, Ingrid, striking differences emerge. Odendaal is reportedly associated with ten properties registered in her name at Val de Vie, and Bantry Bay is said to be her primary residence.

Stefan Potgieter, Jooste’s son-in-law responsible for managing his affairs through Mayfair Speculators, confirmed that Jooste has an arrangement with a friend who owns an apartment in Bantry Bay. Although Potgieter stated that he has never met Odendaal and knows little about her, he emphasized that his role is to ensure the property’s maintenance and rental income, considering it Jooste’s private business.

In stark contrast, Ingrid Jooste appears to own only one townhouse in Stellenbosch, purchased in May of this year for R2.7 million. The divergent asset profiles of the two women add another layer of intrigue to the ongoing saga, leaving observers captivated by the enigma surrounding Berdine Odendaal and her opulent lifestyle, funded by the fraudulent acts of Markus Jooste.

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