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Should Black South Africans Continue To Vote for The ANC?

anti black anc president cyril ramaphosa

According to the writer Black South Africans should not cast their votes in favour of the ANC, white South Africans should do so instead

As the political landscape in South Africa continues to evolve, the looming shadow of the African National Congress (ANC) faces intensified scrutiny, particularly amongst black South Africans. Recent events surrounding the impeachment proceedings of Public Protector Busisiwe Mkhwebane and Western Cape High Court Judge President John Hlophe have brought to light a concerning pattern of bias within the ANC.

This revelation unveils a disconcerting reality for black voters, raising profound questions about the party’s commitment to justice, impartiality, and the representation of all South Africans, but black ones in particular.

In a shocking turn of events, two respected South African justice system figures have been impeached by the ANC and its off-the-books coalition partner, the DA. This has sparked outrage and speculation among the public, as both individuals are black South Africans – people of African descent. Nothing has ever happened to apartheid judges who murdered masses of African people, all received their pensions in full. Does the ANC hate black people as some have whispered? Such actions as the impeachment of Advocate Mkhwebane and Judge John Hlophe do not help the ANC’s case.

First, it was Advocate Busisiwe Mkhwebane who faced impeachment, now it’s Judge Hlophe. The timing of these impeachments cannot be ignored, and it raises serious questions about the ANC’s stance on black South Africans within the organization.

black south african voters

It is no secret that the ANC (in particular the Ramaphosa-led ANC regime) has a history of discrimination against black South Africans. From marginalizing their voices to dismissing their concerns, it is clear that the ANC does not have the best interests of the black South African community at heart.

Moreover, the recent closures of coal mines in Mpumalanga, a predominantly black region, highlight the vulnerability of communities reliant on industries targeted for transition in the name of environmental sustainability. Without robust plans for economic diversification and inclusive growth, the ANC’s commitment to black economic advancement rings hollow for many.

Ramaphosa’s ANC Simply Does Not Care About The Plight of Black-People

The staggering youth unemployment rate of 64% in South Africa is not merely a statistic but a stark reflection of a systemic failure that would be deemed a national crisis and emergency in many other countries. Yet, within the corridors of power in South Africa, this harrowing reality appears to be met with indifference, particularly from the President of the ANC, Cyril Ramaphosa. Despite being a predominantly black nation where the majority of the youth bear the brunt of unemployment, the lack of decisive action or meaningful policies to address this crisis underscores a disturbing disconnect between leadership and the plight of the black youth. While promises of economic transformation and empowerment echo through political rhetoric, the glaring absence of tangible solutions leaves an entire generation languishing in the shadows of unfulfilled potential, perpetuating cycles of poverty and despair.

As the heartbeat of South Africa’s future, the black youth find themselves trapped in a cycle of systemic neglect and marginalization, where access to education and employment opportunities remains elusive. In a country where the echoes of apartheid’s injustices still reverberate, the apathy towards addressing the plight of the black youth represents a betrayal of the promise of freedom and equality.

The ANC once hailed as the liberator of the oppressed, now stands accused of abandoning its mandate to uplift and empower the very demographic it claims to represent. Until genuine efforts are made to prioritize the needs and aspirations of the black youth, South Africa risks squandering its greatest asset and perpetuating a legacy of inequality that undermines the foundations of a truly inclusive and prosperous nation.

In light of these recent events, black people must reconsider their support for the ANC. It is a travesty that any self-respecting black person would continue to vote for a party that openly hates black South Africans as openly as the ANC does.

It is time for the black people community to take a stand against the ANC and its discriminatory practices. Only by voting for organizations representing their interests can black South Africans hope to see real change and progress in South Africa.

In the upcoming election, black people must support parties that value their dignity and rights as equal citizens of this country. It is time to show the ANC that discrimination against black people and injustice will not be tolerated any longer. Vote for parties that deserve your trust and respect, and make your voice heard in the fight for economic freedom and justice.

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