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700+ Ford cars lost per day after pylon collapse

700+ ford cars lost due to pylon collapse

Ford factory is losing 700+ cars per day as a result of the Pretoria pylon collapse,

The collapse of seven pylons on the N4 in Pretoria on Sunday night has resulted in a production loss of 720 cars per day at the facility.

Other businesses, including other manufacturers, and residents in significant portions of northern and eastern Pretoria remain without power as a result of the outage, according to Neale Hill, president of Ford Motor Company Africa.

Ford Investment

The company recently invested nearly R16 billion in the plant to increase annual production to 200,000 cars, and Hill describes the loss of power as a “major setback.” The facility is one of only three in the globe to produce the next-generation Ranger, and it also produces the Volkswagen Amarok under contract.

The business operates three shifts per day. Hill asserts that it will be extremely difficult to keep up after the outage.

In addition, he told 702 that the Pretoria disruption would have a ripple effect on all of its suppliers across the nation, who will soon run out of storage space for manufactured components.

black ford cars steering wheel

Pylon’s vandalized

Mayor Cilliers Brink of the City of Tshwane stated on Monday that there were distinct indications that at least three of the pylons had been vandalized and that criminal activity played a role in the collapse.

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The city operates the pylons, but Eskom will assist with the installation of new ones. Brink told 702 on Tuesday evening that he could not provide a “credible timeline” for the restoration of power.

What are pylons

Pylons are tall structures used to support overhead power lines or other cables. They are typically made of steel, concrete, or wood, and are designed to withstand the weight of the cables and the forces of wind, ice, and other environmental factors.

transmission tower pylon under gray sky

They are an essential part of the electrical power transmission system, as they provide a means of transporting electricity over long distances from power plants to substations and distribution centers. They also play a role in the distribution of electricity to homes, businesses, and other consumers.

Pylons can vary in height and design depending on the type of power line and the terrain they are installed in. Some are designed to blend in with their surroundings, while others are more visually striking and may even become landmarks in their own right.

In addition to their use in the transmission and distribution of electrical power, pylons are also used for other purposes, such as supporting antennas for telecommunications or radio broadcasting, or as supports for suspension bridges or other large structures.

The factory affected

Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa (FMCSA) has a manufacturing plant located in Silverton, Pretoria. The plant has been in operation since 1967 and is one of the largest vehicle production facilities in South Africa.

The Silverton plant produces a range of vehicles, including the Ranger pickup truck, Everest SUV, and Transit commercial van, which are sold both locally and internationally. The plant has a production capacity of over 100,000 vehicles per year and employs around 4,000 people.

In addition to vehicle assembly, the Silverton plant also includes facilities for engine machining, stamping, and body assembly. The plant uses advanced manufacturing processes and technology, including robotics and automation, to produce high-quality vehicles efficiently and sustainably.

The Ranger is currently the top-selling Ford vehicle in South Africa. The Ranger is a pickup truck that has been manufactured at the Silverton plant in Pretoria since 2011. It is a popular choice among South African consumers, particularly those in the commercial and agricultural sectors, due to its ruggedness, reliability, and versatility.

In recent years, the Ford Ranger has consistently been one of the best-selling vehicles in South Africa, and in 2021 it was the third best-selling vehicle overall. Ford has continued to update and improve the Ranger to meet the evolving needs of its customers, introducing new features and technologies, such as advanced driver assistance systems and hybrid powertrains.

Other popular vehicles in South Africa include the Everest SUV, the EcoSport compact SUV, and the Figo subcompact car.

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