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Hazim Mustafa’s stunning denial: No clue about Ramaphosa’s involvement in $580k deal

Hazim Mustafa, the individual with a questionable & ‘shady’ history, who made a cash payment of $580k for 20 Buffalo, asserts that he was unaware that he was buying them from Ramaphosa.

  • Businessman Hazim Mustafa claims to have paid $580k in cash to purchase 20 buffalo from the farm of South African President Cyril Ramaphosa in December 2019.
  • In 2017 Mustafa was prevented from leaving UAE after his import business (the adopted son of Omar al-Bashir) partner was arrested for espionage.
sudanese businessman hazim mustafa

Businessman claims to have paid $580,000 in cash to purchase the 20 animals from the farm of South African President Cyril Ramaphosa in December 2019 but admits he was initially unsure of the animals’ ownership.

The so-called Farmgate affair, which centres on allegations that Cyril stole millions of dollars from his private game farm and covered it up, has put pressure on him to step down.

The analysis of the president’s response and the documents submitted by National Assembly members was the only thing the panel of two former judges and a lawyer could do.

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One piece of supporting documentation is a Mr Ndlovu, a Phala Phala employee, acknowledgement of receipt of $580,000 written out to “Mr Hazim.”

african buffalo in a field

Why the buffalo were still on the farm three years after the receipt of the sale is a concern raised in the report.

“They were supposed to get the animals ready for export when we finalized the deal. Then the COVID-19 lockdown occurred, followed by a series of delays “said Mr. Mustafa, who is renowned for his business connections to the regime of deposed Sudanese President, Omar al-Bashir and made a fortune from importing strategic commodities into Sudan and reselling them to the country at a much higher price using credit lines provided by the Eastern & Southern African Trade and Development Bank.

In 2017 UAE officials prevented Mustafa from leaving Dubai after his import business partner Ayman Al-Mamoon (who happens to be Al-Bashir’s adopted son), was arrested by Emirati officials for espionage after he gained access to the private bank accounts of high-profile government officials. He was eventually convicted of the crime and sentenced to life in jail, followed by deportation.

“I didn’t get my money back because it took too long, but there is an understanding that I will be refunded,” he continued.

ramaphosa with phala phala farm wall and dollars in the background.

ANC will reject the parliamentary report on phala phala

The cash stash and theft weren’t discovered until June when the president’s political rival and former spy chief Arthur Fraser filed charges of corruption and money laundering after alleging an unreported theft of $4 million from the farm.

The African National Congress, the president’s party, declared on Monday that it would vote against any attempts to remove him from office.

Last week, the report came to the conclusion that he might have broken the law by engaging in private business and might need to explain the source of the funds.

The president submitted a statement to the inquiry in which he denied any wrongdoing and claimed that $580,000, not $4 million, had been stolen.

a cheque that hazim mustafa donated to the sudanese army just before a coup took place in the country.

Concerns abound regarding the money used in the Buffalo deal as well.

Mr Mustafa responded directly to Sky News’ question about how he brought more than $500,000 in cash into South Africa: “Through the airport.”

He acknowledged that he had declared it at the O.R. Tambo Airport in Johannesburg but refused to offer the declaration forms as proof, citing the ongoing parliamentary process.

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The Phala Phala burglary is being investigated by law enforcement, according to the South African Reserve Bank, which controls foreign exchange and currency regulation.

Sky News Sparks Backlash Over Phala Phala Farm Investigation Coverage

Accusations of bias and manipulation have been directed at Sky News regarding their reporting on the Phala Phala farm investigation. Social media users are raising concerns about the alleged attempt to favour President Ramaphosa’s claims regarding the sale of the game to businessman Hazim Mustafa, who supposedly paid $580,000 to one of Ramaphosa’s employees in December 2019.

The controversy intensified when Sky News published an online story, claiming to have interviewed a Saudi Arabia-based businessman who professed ignorance about the farm’s ownership by the country’s president. This revelation has triggered scepticism among users, questioning why the businessman would only come forward almost three years later to request a refund, coinciding with President Ramaphosa’s potential impeachment following the Section 89 independent panel report.

One prominent voice on Twitter, Sphithiphiti Evaluator, expressed doubt about the businessman’s decision to choose Southern Africa for the purchase when neighbouring countries like Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania offer similar animals at more affordable prices.

The allegations against Sky News have sparked a wider discussion about media integrity and the importance of unbiased reporting. As the Phala Phala farm investigation continues to unfold, it remains crucial for the public to critically assess the information provided and strive for a well-rounded understanding of the situation.

Who is Hazim Mohamed Ibrahim Mustafa?

Mysterious Origins Unveiled: Hazim Mustafa’s Journey from Print Shops to Business Empire

Intrigue surrounds the early life of Dubai-based, Hazim Mustafa, a figure of interest in the business world. Hailing from Sudan, with Egyptian roots, Mustafa’s humble beginnings trace back to his days at a local print shop, which served as a launching pad for his career trajectory.

Driven by an unwavering ambition, Hazim Mustafa swiftly transitioned into the realm of car dealerships, honing his skills as a broker. However, fate had more significant plans in store.

A pivotal turning point emerged when Mustafa crossed paths with the prestigious Makarim International Company for Import and Export. It was here that he formed a powerful alliance with the adopted son of Sudan’s former President, Omar al-Bashir. This collaboration played a pivotal role in shaping his remarkable fortune.

bianca odonoghue poses next to her ice white ferrari.

Fuelled by a keen sense of opportunity, Hazim Mustafa and his newfound partner embarked on a noteworthy business venture. They seized the chance to import vital commodities into the country, addressing the pressing needs of the nation. Their astute business acumen allowed them to resell the imported goods back to their own nation at a profit, ensuring the continued growth of their enterprise.

Mustafa married Bianca O’Donoghue in 2018, they do not share any kids and it is not clear if he has any kids from previous relationships.

Hazim Mustafa Wife: Unveiling the Partner by His Side, Bianca O’Donoghue

Hazim Mustafa’s wife is Bianca O’Donoghue, who was born and raised in Durban and is now 32 years old, lives in Dubai with her husband, Hazim.

Their wedding was held in the enchanting setting of Lake Como in Italy, which exuded a romantic and fairy-tale atmosphere.

Bianca’s wedding was realised in Lake Como, with its breathtaking mosaic garden providing the backdrop for her grand entrance in a white horse-drawn carriage. Lake Como was the perfect match for Bianca’s long-cherished dream of a destination wedding.

hazim mustafa and bianca odonaghue on the wedding day at lake cuomo italy

During the extravagant celebration, the couple exchanged vows in front of a magnificent five-tier wedding cake.

Before she adopted the way of life she does now, Bianca O’Donoghue worked as a Sales Executive at pest-eradication giant Rentokil Boecker, then in Sales at Gucci (which explains her fondness for the brand) and then finally as a Service Ambassador at the National Bank of Abu Dhabi. It was there that she met Hazim Mustafa, who would later become her husband. She frequently shows snippets of her glamorous lifestyle on her Instagram and Facebook accounts, including pictures of herself striking poses in front of her various luxury cars, from a Ferrari to a Rolls Royce and her various pets that she appears to adore.

In addition, Bianca takes great pleasure in demonstrating the impeccable taste in fashion that she has, as evidenced by the fact that she is frequently seen donning exquisite pieces designed by well-known designer labels.

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