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Is it possible to strengthen and speed up hair growth with rice water?

huge hair growth

We frequently overlook the minute, especially when it comes to aesthetics. We are attracted by the glitzy advertising and ambiance. But what if I told you that you already possess an excellent beauty product?

Utilizing rice water to strengthen and enhance hair is not novel. It has its origins in Japan’s ancient Heian period, when court ladies were renowned for their beautiful, floor-length hair. They kept rice water as a trade secret, IOL reports

Researchers have examined the efficacy of this hair treatment to determine whether rice water can indeed fortify and beautify hair. According to studies, inositol from rice water can penetrate damaged hair and repair it from the inside out. The hair is also protected from further damage.

The ease with which this cosmetic can be produced is one of its finest qualities. You need only water and rice. The most “difficult” aspect of this hair trend is remembering to evenly apply rice water to your hair after showering with it. However, I’ve devised a fantastic strategy that you can try.

How to use rice water to treat hair


250 milliliters of water

250 grams of rice


Rinse and drain your rice to avoid transferring dirt or other impurities to your hair.

In a medium bowl, combine the water and the strained rice. The water should be mixed until it becomes somewhat cloudy.

Save the water while straining the rice this time. You may prepare the rice immediately or save it for later.

Put the rice water in a plastic container with a lid. Then let rice water continue to stay at room temperature for 12 to 24 hours. This allows it to ferment, releasing all the savory vitamins and minerals. Do not allow it to sit longer than 24 hours. My initial batch of rice water went bad after two days of sitting (I had neglected to take it with me into the shower).

Leave the rice water in the fridge till you’re ready to begin using it.

To apply, place rice water in a small jar, such as a shampoo bottle designed for travel or a tiny jar. Refrigerate any leftover hair food.

It is difficult to carelessly pour rice water into one’s hair from a large container (I know, I tried it). Remember to remove the small container from the shower and return it to the refrigerator after use.

The rice water can be refrigerated for up to a week, so you have plenty of time to reap the incredible hair benefits.

Utilize it after shampooing and conditioning, whether daily or weekly. You will not need to alter your washing schedule in order to accommodate the rice water rinse.

As you apply the rice water, try to focus solely on your scalp and work your way outward. After allowing it to sit for two to five minutes, rinse it. Immediately, you will notice how sturdy and thick your hair feels.

I’ve learned the following from performing my own rice water rinse:

My hair felt different within the first minute. As I combed through it, each hair strand appeared to be protected by a thin shell or outer layer. Typically, my hair breaks when I run a detangling brush through it. However, my hair fared better this time.

One day later, my closest friend remarked that my hair appeared shinier the morning after my initial rice water washing.

After four washes and seven days, my hair felt thicker, fuller, and easier to manage. I attempted to blow-dry my hair, something I’ve never done before due to the sudden flyaways that always surround my head afterward.

This time around? Almost no visible damage. Although it was still exceptionally soft, it was not fluffy or light. Rather, it had become thicker and more pronounced, as if I had developed a half mane. I had my hair half-up in a bun using a standard ponytail holder (I always use scrunchies to prevent breakage, no exceptions), and I removed it effortlessly, allowing my hair to fall as if it had never been held back.

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Wow, rice gods, I am incredibly grateful. This is one of the most straightforwardly effective homemade beauty products available. If you are intrigued by this strategy, try it out. Just remember to bring the rice water into the shower with you.

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