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Brave nyaope tackling granny, 71, jailed

71 year old granny lands in jail for tackling nyaope dealer

Granny, who’s 71 years old, got locked up for confronting a nyaope drug dealer. Crazy, right?

According to Zodwa Nhlabathi, who is 71 years old, she was taken into custody by the police when she confronted a drug dealer in the neighbourhood who was selling nyaope (which is a mixture of heroin).

Nhlabathi claimed that she confronted the drug dealer’s parents about their son’s illegal nyaope business by inviting them to her home and informing them about their son’s activities. The family felt as though she was harassing them after the conversation, which did not go well.

The conflict between Nhlabathi and her family lasted for several days before she was finally apprehended by a police vehicle in the wee hours of the morning and transported to the Jabulani police station, where she was detained for several hours in the holding cells.

Tackling nyaope dealer lands her in jail

The elderly woman from Zola expressed her dissatisfaction with the fact that she had been arrested for attempting to confront crooks. She was eventually set free when a commotion was caused by members of the neighbourhood.
“The officers of the law did not treat me kindly. “They are the ones who are supposed to be fighting against drugs, not people like me, at my age,” she added. “People my age are not supposed to be fighting against drugs.”

Nhlabathi stated that upon her arrival at the police station, she was abused by a female police officer. According to Nhlabathi, the officer cursed at her and referred to her as an elderly widow.

“The method of treatment was inappropriate. Even pleading with them to allow me to use the loo was fruitless. “The police were telling me that I am forward and that I need to learn to mind my own business,” she added. “I have to learn to learn to mind my own business.”

nyaope lands brave granny in jail

Nyaope push back lands granny in jail

Nhlabathi stated that she had made the decision to face the family that had brought drugs into the neighbourhood since a number of children had committed suicide while others had overdosed on the substances such as nyaope.
“This is not to our advantage. We are unable to stand by and watch while our children are taken from us by these things. She stated that all she wanted was for our neighbourhood to be clean of drugs.

According to Nhlabathi, an active member of the community, she was given the responsibility of investigating charges of drug sales in her neighbourhood by other members of the community. She said that she had evidence that drugs like nyaope, were being sold clandestinely at the residence of her neighbour, where automobiles were also being serviced. At the same residence, one could purchase both candies and cigarettes.

The Star talked to other residents of the Zola community, and they shared their sentiment that they were sick and weary of dealing with local drug dealers.

Elizabeth Magegenene mentioned that she had a daughter who struggled with substance abuse. She explained that her daughter’s nyaope addiction had an enormous impact on the family, to the point where she could no longer feel safe leaving her possessions in the house when she went out.

“My kid goes out and sells anything and everything she can get her hands on. I cannot even leave my ID or bank cards in the house. She explained that “This is the life I live.”

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In the meantime, Nhlabathi was scheduled to appear in court over the next few weeks in connection with the violation of a protective order.

In response to a request for comment, the Jabulani Police Station stated that they will investigate the incident and get back to The Star with their findings.

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