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Sangoma gets 32 years for bludgeoning a client, to death

Client hit to death with a wheel spanner by the ‘sangoma’

A sangoma was jailed 20 years for murder and 12 years for robbery with aggravating circumstances after he bludgeons his client to death and stole his car.

The High Court in Polokwane ruled that the sentences should be served simultaneously.

According to Col. Ledwaba, a spokesperson for the Limpopo police, the heavy sentences handed out against Tinyiko Simango, 51, for the barbaric murder of Victor Phokgedi Lekau, 65, of the Ga-Mphahlele community west of Lebowakgomo, are very much appreciated.

The murder

The traditional healer killed his client on May 2, 2022, when the man came to his office in Hlakano village, Zebediela, for an appointment. The trial court, he claimed, decided to convict the accused after hearing the specifics of the case.

When the deceased’s family was unable to get in touch with him after a few days, the tracking firm called them.

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In response, the family proceeded to the Lebowakgomo police station. Police have issued a missing person’s report and have begun looking for the individual,” he said.


After a high-speed chase with the tracking firm, Semango’s vehicle flipped and he was taken to the hospital, where he was eventually arrested the following week.

He admitted to the murder and led authorities to the spot, where the decomposing body was discovered.

They went to some bushes close to Groothoek and did some sort of rite there. He added the suspect “reached out with a wheel spanner and struck the victim, killing him instantaneously before speeding off in the stolen car.”

Simango then made the rounds of the adjacent communities in an attempt to sell the deceased’s vehicle, but to no avail.

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