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Tequila-guzzling 101yr-old credits drink as the key to a long, happy life

tequila-guzzling 101-year-old credits the drink for her long life

A 101-year-old who drinks tequila says that the drink is the secret to living a long, happy life.

Tequila is a liquor that has been credited for Mary Flip’s long life and happiness in Arizona, the United States. There is even scientific evidence to support the benefits of taking a shot of tequila.

And over the past few years, the tequila bottle’s fiery contents have also contributed to the OAP’s development of a fiery sense of humor.

In fact, she jokingly added, “With my hand,” in response to her daughter’s question, “How do you feel?”

The 101-year-old, who tragically lost her mother and sister when she was a young child, lived alone until she met her husband not long after relocating to Mexico.

She gave birth to her first child, changed careers, and was recognized as a reputable artist by the Chicago School of Art after the couple relocated back to Chicago.

She told NBC 15 about her passion, saying, “I really like to draw. And I discovered that objects alter even as you are drawing them.

So, I was able to create them and make them appear authentic. It took some time, but I had no choice but to raise a large number of children.

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It has been said that Mary celebrated her birthday by treating herself to her preferred ale, Guinness while revealing the secret to her long life to reporters.

She laughed and said, “Oh, I’ll get up on the table,” as her family and friends danced around her.

Tequila may be healthy if consumed in moderation, according to some evidence.

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