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The best result would be for Cyril to be re-elected as president, according to Dali Mpofu

If ANC branches vote for Cyril Ramaphosa to serve a second term, EFF activist and member Dali Mpofu has said he will rejoice.

Ramaphosa’s second term, in Mpofu’s opinion, would make it simple for the EFF to beat the ANC in 2024.

On DJ Sbu’s podcast The Hustlers Corner, Mpofu made a statement.

“First of all, he is not deserving. Second, I believe that at some point, the Eskom crisis, the Phala Phala incident, and other internal party dynamics will combine to bring him and the ANC to an end.

“His funders will continue to attempt to mount one final defense… However, since it will be a complete disaster, the EFF believes that the best outcome would be for Cyril to be re-elected [as ANC president] there at ANC conference [in December]. It’ll be the ANC that we can defeat the quickest.

Mpofu claimed that because the ANC was “dead,” the brand would eventually follow suit.

I will celebrate, he said, so I wish they would make the error of returning him in December.

Mavuso Msimang, a veteran of the ANC, told SABC News that the ANC is in crisis due to the bad leadership “it has soaked up into its ranks.”

“When folks who have been associated with significant problems and scandals want to become president, the bar is indeed very low,”

The ANC is betraying voters with the way it is handling internal party corruption.

The ANC “might do much better, and would gain,” he said, “from having to sit in backbenches, getting closer to the masses and getting to know how others are performing or underperforming, and renewing their mandate with the people.”

Ramaphosa does not merit a second term, according to Tony Yengeni, a member of the ANC national executive committee (NEC).

On eNCA, Yengeni criticized other NEC members for publicly supporting Ramaphosa’s reelection.

“The ANC has its own internal processes to direct its work and preparation for conference, however this time we have witnessed something that we have never witnessed before, where representatives of the NEC go public to support what they calling a second term for the president,” said a spokesman for the organization.

A reelection must be granted based on the president’s efforts to raise living standards for South Africans, according to Yengeni.

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