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Walkerville tiger still on the run

walkerville tiger still on the run

Authorities continue to search for a tiger that escaped from a property in Johannesburg South over the weekend.

According to News24, Local Community Policing Forum member Gresham Mandy stated that the tiger had not been recaptured despite a search lasting the entire night.

Up to thirty people, according to Mandy, had searched for the tiger. He stated that there had been no confirmed sightings of the tiger since it attacked a 39-year-old man.

Saturday, a tiger escaped from its enclosure in the Walkerville region, prompting residents to be on high alert.

Colonel DimaSello, spokesman for the Gauteng police, reported that a female tiger had escaped from its cage and attacked a man and a dog in the area.

Sello stated that the victim survived the attack, but was unable to confirm the dog’s condition.

Residents of Walkerville and the surrounding area are asked to be on the lookout for the tiger and to call our emergency number at 083 292 5862 if it is spotted.

The SPCA warned, “Please do not approach the tiger; she is dangerous.”

The tiger was allegedly last seen near the Daleside Veterinary Clinic. According to Mandy, the tiger escaped from a nearby smallholding.

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The tiger was reportedly raised by hand by the property owner, who also maintains other species of wildlife on the smallholding.

She was reportedly kept in a pen but was able to escape after the enclosure’s fence was cut.

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