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Castrate and sterilize pit bulls, foundation urges

pit bull

A foundation is urging the South African government to emasculate all male pit bulls and sterilize all females to eliminate the “vicious” breed.

According to News24, Storm Nuku, 10, was killed by his family’s two pit bulls in Gqeberha two weeks ago.

In a September 30 letter to Minister of Agriculture, Land Reform, and Rural Development Thoko Didiza, the Sizwe Kupelo Foundation, founded in 2008 to help children and vulnerable communities, made the request.

Pit bull breeders are violating the right to life, according to the Constitution.

It also started a petition to ban pit bulls as pets. received 5,000 signatures in four days.

Didiza will review the petition.

The foundation does not recommend euthanizing pit bulls.

It would stop attacks and save lives. We cannot keep sending condolences for something preventable.”

Kupelo also told Didiza that Russia, Finland, Denmark, the UK, Portugal, parts of Germany, China, Brazil have either forbidden the breed or restricted its ownership or importation.

We can’t keep on losing young folks like Storm Nuku to such dangerous dogs that have proven they shouldn’t be pets. Peace to young Storm Nuku.

“Pit bull lovers’ claim that it’s how you raise the dog doesn’t work. “Pit bulls have killed many people, including joggers,” Kupelo said.

He said the South African government needed to act.

The foundation urged other animal lovers and organizations to start making similar calls to press the government to prohibit “these vicious animals soon”.

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