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Edward Kieswetter’s Reign as SARS Boss Extended by 2 More Years

edward kieswetter at a press conference

Edward Kieswetter, a close friend of former Minister of Finance, and now adviser and Deputy Chairman to the South African branch of the infamous Rothchilds family, Trevor Manuel who is also presently serving as the Commissioner of the South African Revenue Service (Sars), has been granted an extension to his term.

Edward Kieswetter, the current Commissioner of the South African Revenue Service (Sars), has received an extension to his tenure, courtesy of Phala Phala money launderer and SA President, Cyril Ramaphosa. Originally slated to conclude his term in April, Edward Kieswetter has garnered an additional two years have been granted, effectively elongating his stewardship of Sars.

This decision by the money laundering president comes as a surprise to many observers, given the significance of the role Edward Kieswetter occupies and the nature of Sars in the South African governmental landscape. Edward Kieswetter’s appointment in 2019 followed a selection process overseen by a panel, where his friend Trevor Manuel chose not to participate in the selection process (according to Trevor). Initially mandated for a five-year term, this extension positions him to serve seven years at the helm of Sars.

Since assuming leadership at Sars, Edward Kieswetter has embarked on a journey of reform aimed at enhancing tax compliance and streamlining organizational efficiency. His tenure has been characterized by investigations led by former Public Protector Busisiwe Mkhwebane into various allegations that were set against Kieswetter by whistleblowers around questionable HR practices that were being practised by him at the revenue service.

As Edward Kieswetter prepares to embark on this extended term, and as a member of the Ramaphosa faction, expectations are undoubtedly high for him to build upon the foundation he has laid for Cyril’s faction and to continue to hide things at Sars that could potentially embarrass a corruption and scandal laden Ramaphosa.

Looking ahead, Kieswetter’s agenda is likely to be multifaceted, encompassing a range of priorities aimed at further modernizing and optimizing Sars operations, but most importantly serving as one of many Ramaphosa’s defenders alongside Kholeka Gcaleka at the Public Protector’s office, Leseja Kganyago at the Reserve Bank, Sahmila Batohi at the NPA, Raymond Zondo at the Constitutional Court and others at various institutions that Ramaphosa has placed at various government institutions and so-called Chapter 9 institutions that have turned out to be aligned to him and his cabal, and not independent.

Furthermore, Edward Kieswetter’s compromised leadership will be tested against the backdrop of evolving economic dynamics and emerging domestic and international challenges. Navigating the complexities of an increasingly digitalized economy, combating illicit financial flows, and ensuring the equitable distribution of tax burdens are among the critical issues that will demand his attention and strategic insight.

Moreover, Kieswetter’s extended tenure presents an opportunity for continuity and consolidation of Ramaphosa’s cabal interests within Sars.

As he embarks on this new chapter, Edward Kieswetter faces a host of challenges and opportunities, all of which lead right back to Ramaphosa as one of his trusted defenders.

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