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Farm to Prison: Farmer (50) jailed for Shooting

white farmer blasts man in the face

A farmer in Mossel Bay was jailed for shooting a man in the face with a gas gun.

Residents claim that Nico Roman, who was with his 10-year-old daughter at the time of the incident last week, was collecting rocks along the road for his garden, IOL reports.

Community activist Fortuin Michaels stated, “Nico and his daughter went to collect white pebbles for his garden.”

“While he was still collecting rocks, the farmer emerged from his home.

“His residence is along the road where Nico was collecting rocks.

Nico greeted him and asked if there was a problem, but he began to curse at him and his companions.

He then ordered Nico to the gate, whereupon he drew a (gas) gun and fired at him.

“The daughter ran back home while yelling for assistance.

“The farmer informed the community group in a letter that he pepper-sprayed someone.

The community heard the family’s cries and responded, the police arrived and took statements, but no arrest was made until Tuesday.

farmer with a gun

Michaels stated that arrests were made only after Monday’s sit-in at the Groot Brakrivier police station.

“We sat there since daybreak. We made clear our desire for his arrest. We cannot tolerate such conduct from anyone,” he stated.

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Christopher Spies, a police spokesman, stated that Groot Brakrivier Detectives are investigating an assault with the intent to cause great bodily harm.

“It is alleged that the 41-year-old victim and his daughter were nearby when he was attacked with a petrol pistol.

“The victim sustained facial injuries and later reported the incident to police.

woman collecting rocks

He said, “Tuesday’s arrest of a 50-year-old man was the result of additional investigation into the incident.”

On Wednesday, the defendant made a brief appearance at the Mossel Bay Magistrate’s Court, where the case was postponed.

Dawid Kamfer, provincial leader of the Independent Civic Organisation of South Africa (Icosa), stated that they welcomed the arrest.

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“We are so happy that justice will be served and that the community united to fight for it.

“In recent years, white farmers in this region have had little regard for the local populace.

“We are pleased to have shown them that we will continue to fight for justice,” he said.

farm worker in a corn field

What are the challenges of farm workers in South Africa?

Farm workers in South Africa face numerous challenges, including:

  1. Low Wages: Many farm workers earn low wages, often below the national minimum wage. This makes it difficult for them to support themselves and their families and can perpetuate a cycle of poverty.
  2. Poor Working Conditions: Some farm workers endure harsh working conditions, including long hours, lack of access to proper sanitation facilities, exposure to hazardous chemicals, and inadequate safety measures. These conditions can lead to health issues and put workers’ well-being at risk.
  3. Inadequate Housing: Housing conditions for farm workers are often substandard, with overcrowded dwellings, lack of basic amenities, and inadequate access to clean water and sanitation. This can contribute to health problems and negatively affect the overall quality of life for workers and their families.
  4. Limited Access to Social Services: Many farm workers have limited access to social services such as healthcare, education, and transportation. Isolated rural areas where farms are located often lack sufficient infrastructure and public services, making it challenging for farm workers to access essential services.
  5. Discrimination and Exploitation: Farm workers, particularly those from marginalized communities, may face discrimination and unequal treatment. Exploitative practices such as unfair labor practices, unsafe working conditions, and lack of benefits are prevalent in some cases.
  6. Lack of Job Security: Many farm workers are employed on a seasonal or temporary basis, without long-term job security. This can lead to income instability and uncertainty, making it difficult for workers to plan for the future or invest in their own well-being.
  7. Limited Access to Land and Housing: Land reform and access to land for farm workers remain significant challenges in South Africa. Many farm workers do not have access to land for subsistence farming or housing, exacerbating their vulnerability and dependence on farm owners.

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  8. Inadequate Representation: Farm workers often face challenges in organizing and advocating for their rights. Limited access to education and information, language barriers, and geographic isolation can hinder their ability to form unions or participate in collective bargaining.
  9. Inequitable Power Dynamics: Power imbalances between farm owners and workers can make it challenging for workers to assert their rights and negotiate better conditions. Fear of job loss or reprisals may deter workers from speaking out against exploitative practices.

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