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On the wedding day, shocked bride finds mum breastfeeding groom

mother brastfeeding child

There are acts of bravery, and then there is marrying an adult guy who is still dependent on his mama for breast milk, even on his wedding day, IOL reports.

What a horrible thing on a wedding day

Wedding planner Georgie Mitchell went to listen to an episode of a podcast called “Unfiltered Bride,” and as she was conversing with co-host Beth Smith, she recalled a story that was told by a bridal make-up artist named Jenny, with whom she had previously worked.

Mitchell related the story to Smith of how the bride had gone to the lavatory, only to be welcomed by the most unbelievable surprise of her entire life.

Smith’s initial assumption was that the groom had been found cheating, but this turned out to not be the case.

Instead, he was sucking the milk out of his mother by grabbing onto her breast and sucking on it.

Those who listened to the podcast had one major question after hearing it, and that was “How come the mother was still producing milk?”

If you have breastfed a child before, then you are aware that milk can be produced on demand.

If you continue to breastfeed, your body will respond by making more milk. That the bridegroom has been nursing his child all these years. Because of this, his mother continued to produce milk even after he was born.

bride found her groom being breastfed on their wedding day.

Some people would feel compelled to immediately call off the wedding for this reason alone; after all, why would you want to wed an adult guy who is still nursing his child?

Yet, it was not the case at all. The future wife was adamant about becoming a Mrs., and she proceeded with the wedding to her husband in spite of what she observed.

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The tension between her and her mother-in-law can only be imagined, but we can only hope that she will finally break the umbilical connection and let her kid grow up to be a man, rather than some boy who still clings to her breasts (s).

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