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Four children whose mother killed them to be buried today

four people carrying a casket

On Friday, burial services will be held for the four children whose mother is accused of bludgeoning them to death with a sledgehammer last week in the Tsalaba village in Engcobo, Eastern Cape. The children’s bodies will be laid to rest, EWN reports.

The bodies of the children were discovered in the rondavel that they shared with their mother.

The ages of the four children ranged from two to 11 years.

After being taken to the hospital on Thursday, Nomboleko Simayile will not be able to fulfill her intention of attending the funeral services for her children as planned.

Her bail hearing was continued until a later date after it was reported that she passed out in the holding cells of the Engcobo Police Station shortly before her court appearance.

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The woman, who is 32 years old, is accused of killing her children by striking them over the head with a sledgehammer.

The gruesome discovery was made by her father on Tuesday morning of the previous week, and he stated that the family was still in shock after the unfortunate event.

It is anticipated that a number of governmental officials will be present at the service.

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