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Mother who sledgehammered her own kids faints in court

woman hands in handcuffs

Nomboleko Simayile, the woman who is accused of killing her four children, will not be able to attend her bail hearing because it has been postponed after she fainted in court, according to EWN.

Simayile was supposed to make her bail application on Thursday in the Engcobo Magistrates Court; however, she fainted in the police holding cells adjacent to the courthouse and had to be transported to a nearby hospital instead.

During the time that residents of Engcobo were waiting for the beginning of proceedings in the Engcobo Magistrates Court, there was a startling turn of events that occurred.

After Simayile passed out while being held at the Engcobo Police Station, her bail application was postponed until she regained consciousness.


Her lawyer told the judge that she had been lying on the floor in the holding cells for a considerable amount of time without receiving any kind of medical attention.

After that, Simayile, who was hobbling and confused, was assisted into a medical examination room. Her trip to the hospital was provided by a vehicle from the local police department.

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The state prosecutor, Lindelwa Totyi, stated that they had made an urgent request for Simayile to go through with a psychiatric evaluation.

Before the bail hearing, we have put in a request to have the defendant undergo a rushed evaluation, which has been submitted.

The hearing regarding the release on bail has been rescheduled for November 29.

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