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Funeral Parlour Owners Arrested for Selling Dead Bodies For 24k per Corpse

funeral parlour owner examining casket

From Beyond The Grave: Funeral Parlour Owners Caught in Body Trade

Valencia, Spain – In a chilling and profoundly unsettling revelation that has reverberated throughout the nation, Spanish authorities have apprehended the proprietors of a funeral home in Valencia under suspicion of engaging in a macabre trade: the illicit sale of deceased bodies to university research departments.

The Exploitative Operation Unveiled: How Much Is A Dead Body Worth

The breadth of their alleged exploitation is staggering, with reports indicating that these individuals shamelessly profited from the commodification of human remains, fetching a shocking price of 1,200 euros per cadaver, roughly equivalent to R24,000.

a casket at a funeral parlour fridge

Beyond Transactions: Facilitating Post-Mortem Studies

The clandestine operation, orchestrated by a quartet comprising two proprietors and two employees of the funeral establishment, extended beyond mere transactions; it encompassed the facilitation of post-mortem studies and the subsequent disposal of bodies. According to official statements from law enforcement, the remains were either consigned to flames through incineration or surreptitiously interred within other caskets designated for cremation.

Perhaps most distressing is the revelation that a significant portion of the cadavers involved belonged to individuals who had passed away without any surviving kin. Exploiting the vulnerability of these marginalized deceased, the accused purportedly resorted to falsifying documentation to secure access to bodies from hospitals and retirement facilities, subsequently peddling them to academic institutions for anatomical scrutiny.

The Elaborate Deception

Preliminary estimates from authorities suggest that the funeral home in question facilitated the sale of no fewer than eleven bodies, with indications surfacing that the perpetrators went so far as to levy additional charges on universities for cremations that were never conducted. Shockingly, it has come to light that one institution was invoiced a staggering 5,040 euros for the purported cremation of eleven bodies post-research, a financial burden absent from any official records of crematorium transactions within the city.

a dead body lies on a floor

The genesis of this appalling saga can be traced back to early last year when vigilant observers intercepted two funeral home employees in the act of transporting a cadaver from a hospital mortuary to academic researchers, armed with falsified credentials. The deceased individual in question had been slated for burial in their hometown, with all expenses assumed by local authorities. However, without the consent or knowledge of the deceased’s family, their remains were callously diverted to serve as subjects for scientific inquiry.

Callous Exploitation and Manipulation

Law enforcement disclosures further illuminate the callous modus operandi of the accused, who seemingly targeted individuals devoid of familial ties, particularly foreign nationals. In one particularly distressing instance, it is alleged that the perpetrators manipulated an elderly gentleman afflicted by cognitive impairment into consenting to the donation of his body to science. Although the signed donor agreement stipulated specific arrangements for the disposition of his remains, they were callously diverted to a different destination offering a higher pecuniary incentive.

Legal Repercussions and Public Outcry

In the wake of these revelations, the proprietors and employees of the funeral home find themselves ensnared in a legal maelstrom, facing charges ranging from fraud to the falsification of official documents. The egregious nature of their transgressions has sparked widespread public outrage and galvanized calls for stringent regulatory measures to safeguard against similar acts of exploitation within the funeral industry.

Upholding Dignity and Ensuring Justice

While the identities of the universities implicated in the procurement of these ill-fated bodies remain undisclosed, authorities are diligently pursuing a comprehensive inquiry to ensure that all parties complicit in this heinous enterprise are brought to justice. At its core, this saga underscores the imperative of upholding the sanctity and dignity owed to the departed, reaffirming society’s collective responsibility to safeguard the integrity of post-mortem practices and preserve the solemnity of the transition from life to death.

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