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Gauteng couple jailed for roadside murders

A Randfontein man was given 30 years in prison for picking up two women on the side of the road and killing them when they got to his house.

According to News24 his wife got five years in prison for being an accomplice to the murder because she made it hard for police to find her husband, who was hiding.

She will be under correctional supervision after she has served one-sixth of her sentence.

On Wednesday, Bernard Noeth, who is 43, and his wife, Susana Noeth, who is 37, went to the Johannesburg High Court.

The indictment says that on July 16, 2018, Privilege Chikohora and Alice Manjodzi were waiting on the side of Union Street in Randfontein for work.

The two of them would stand by the side of the road and hope to get hired to do things like clean laundry and do other chores around the house.

Noeth stopped near the two women in his red Nissan Almera.

When he told them he needed help cleaning and doing laundry at his house, they got into the car, and the indictment says Noeth drove them to Hillside, Randfontein.

It said that Noeth asked Chikohora to clean his parked car and told her she couldn’t go into his house without his permission. He brought Manjodzi into the house with him.

Noeth then told Chikohora to walk to the store to buy milk, and while she was gone, he killed Manjodzi. Nobody knew how he killed her. When Chikohora came back, Noeth killed her by choking her.

Noeth locked the two bodies in one of the rooms in the house and told his wife that he was working on a surprise anniversary gift for her in that room.

The bodies were locked in the room until July 20, 2018, when they were found by police.

The indictment says that Susana told the police that she didn’t know where her husband was.

Noeth was caught on January 6, 2020, in Dwarskloof, Randfontein. He had been hiding in a bedroom cupboard. His wife, who had been living with him, was with him when she was found.

Noeth was found guilty of killing two different people.

Susanam knew about Noeth’s crime and didn’t tell anyone where he was, even though she knew where he was. She was found guilty of being an accessory to the murder after the fact and preventing justice from being done.

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