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In terms of electoral integrity, South Africa is second only to the United States on the continent

With a higher rating than the United States and a position as the second-best in all of Africa, South Africa has impeccable electoral credibility.

According to Times Live South Africa’s elections are deemed to be among the continent’s most credible by Electoral Integrity Global Report.

On Tuesday, top IEC officials presented their report to the House of Commons’ portfolio committee on home affairs.

The Cape Verde Islands have the best score in Africa (73), followed closely by South Africa (72).

Despite the fact that most European countries scored higher, IEC head Sy Mambolo boasted that South Africa had been ranked higher than the United States, the so-called “father of democracy,” which scored just above 50 points.

Out of the 30 countries in America that were evaluated, Mamabolo told the committee that 21 of them, including the United States (with a score of 57), ranked below South Africa, with only Barbados (with a score of 66) being comparable to South Africa. Only eight countries ranked above South Africa.

From the 41 Asian countries evaluated, 34 are ranked lower than South Africa, while only seven are ranked higher.

When compared to the other 41 European countries, only Poland (with a score of 66) ranks lower than South Africa; the other 25 countries all have scores well above 70.

South Africa scored above 70 on all of the subcategories that measured their electoral laws, procedures, vote counting, results index, and electoral authorities.

Voter registration, media attention, and campaign funding, on the other hand, were all shaky areas.

South Africa fared poorly in terms of campaign funding in both 2014 and the most recent general election in 2019, scoring 41 and -6 points, respectively.

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