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Israeli gangsters arrested, $40k seized in the raid

israeli gangster and fellow gangsters arrested

In a scene reminiscent of the now infamous Phala Phala farm, where millions of undeclared US Dollars stuffed in mattresses and sofas, were stolen at South African President, Cyril Ramaphosa’s farm, a 46-year-old Israeli gang leader attached to a criminal organization in Israel known as the Abergil Organization was arrested along with 40,000 US Dollars, by a multi-disciplinary team led by South African Police & others.

At a house in the leafy suburb of Bryanston, South Africa, on Eccleston Crescent, police were able to take into custody the wanted fugitive along with seven other people.

Since 2015, the Israeli gang leader has been the subject of a Red Notice issued by Interpol. In Israel, authorities are looking for him on suspicion of conspiracy to commit murder as well as attempted murder.

Abergil Organization

The Israeli authorities claim that the suspect is a member of a notorious gang that is involved in the distribution of illegal drugs, extortion, and other types of criminal activity. In two separate incidents that took place in Israel in 2003 and 2004, this wanted suspect is suspected of placing an explosive bomb underneath the vehicle of a man in Israel.

Five people were seriously injured as a result of the initial explosion, but all of them managed to pull through thanks to a miracle.

Israeli mob boss Itzhak Abergil (Source: Jerusalem Post)
Israeli mob boss Itzhak Abergil (Source: Jerusalem Post)

In the second incident, the suspect attempted to carry out the same crime against the same victim by placing a bomb on top of a vehicle. This time, however, the suspect was unsuccessful. Three additional people sustained serious injuries as a result of this incident.

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What the police found

During an early morning take down operation, the team pounced on an identified address in Johannesburg, Bryanston and found the suspect along with seven other people, a total of 12 x firearms that included 5 x assault rifles and 7 x pistols, 40, 000 Dollars, and three motorcycles that were likely stolen.

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