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A Fatal Flush: Loanshark (24) Shot Dead on the Toilet Seat

mashonisa (loan shark) shot dead whilst using toilet

A loanshark who was 24 years old (a mashonisa) was discovered dead in an outdoor toilet (after being shot) in Sonkombo, Ndwedwe, located on the KZN North Coast, it is reported.

The victim, who was said to be a loan shark, was reportedly killed on Tuesday night while using an outdoor toilet on his property in Sonkombo, according to Prem Balram, who works for Reaction Unit SA.

“At approximately 22:34, officers from the Ndwedwe South African Police Service (SAPS) contacted the Reaction Unit South Africa (Rusa), requesting medical assistance for the victim.


“Upon arrival, members of Rusa discovered a large crowd gathered at the scene,” the sentence continues.

“Medics were led to a toilet that was not attached to the main building. It was about thirty meters away.”

The loanshark was shot whilst relieving himself in the toilet

The victim was discovered during the examination to be seated on the toilet with his pants wrapped around his ankles.

He received at least ten gunshot wounds, and as he displayed no signs of life, it was determined that he was dead.

Balram stated that according to the loanshark’s mother, her son had informed her that he needed to use the restroom.

She was standing in the yard waiting for him when she saw two men enter the property.

a toilet seat

According to what the mother told Balram, there was only one shooter and they came from the direction of the bathroom.

“Because it was so dark, she could not recognize them,” she said. After that, the mother reported that the woman had run into her house.

The SAPS has been contacted for their opinion.

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In a separate event, the man was sentenced to prison earlier this year for the murder of a prison warder who was a mashonisa over a debt of R6000.

Alson Mthunzi Dlamini was murdered on February 18, 2020, in Blaubosch, Newcastle, and Ntokozo Alfred Nkosi, age 40, pleaded guilty to the crime.

What is a mashonisa?

“Mashonisa” is a term commonly used in South Africa to refer to informal money lenders, often operating in disadvantaged communities. Mashonisas typically provide small, short-term loans to individuals who may not have access to formal banking institutions or who have difficulty obtaining credit through traditional channels. They often charge high-interest rates (although the same accusation can be applied to banks and regulated other money lenders), making them a controversial practice due to concerns about predatory lending and potential debt traps. The term “mashonisa” is derived from the Zulu word “ishonisa,” which means “to lend.”

Is it legal to be a Mashonisa?

In South Africa, the term “mashonisa” is not a legally recognized category of financial service providers. However, informal lending does exist, and individuals may lend money without being registered or regulated by the relevant authorities. This informal lending sector operates outside the formal financial system and is not subject to the same regulations and oversight.

blood splater after being shot dead

It’s important to note that engaging in informal lending activities can carry legal and financial risks for both the lender and the borrower. While the practice of informal lending itself is not illegal, certain aspects of it, such as charging excessively high-interest rates or engaging in predatory lending practices, may violate consumer protection laws. Borrowers should exercise caution and carefully consider the terms and conditions of any loan, regardless of whether it is obtained through formal or informal channels.

What is the interest rate for Mashonisa?

The interest rates charged by “mashonisas” or informal money lenders can vary widely and are often significantly higher than those offered by formal financial institutions. As there are no regulations specifically governing mashonisas, their interest rates are determined by their discretion and can depend on various factors such as the amount borrowed, the repayment terms, and the perceived risk associated with the borrower.

It is important to note that mashonisas are known for charging high-interest rates, sometimes referred to as “loan shark” rates, which can lead to a cycle of debt for borrowers. The lack of regulation and oversight in the informal lending sector makes it crucial for individuals to exercise caution and carefully consider the terms and conditions before entering into any lending arrangement. It is generally advisable to explore formal banking options or regulated microfinance institutions that offer more transparent and regulated lending practices.

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