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Mysterious spray at tavern leads to the death of 3


ActionSA in the Eastern Cape stated that they would launch a petition to promote the proper regulation of minors’ access to drinking establishments, IOL reports.

This is after three young women perished in a local tavern in the Eastern Cape, marking the occurrence of a new tragedy.

An unidentified substance was reportedly sprayed on patrons on Christmas Day at the Hofmeyr establishment Razzmatazz.

Tembinkosi Kinana, EC police spokesperson, says that an inquest file had been opened and that police were investigating the deaths’ circumstances. He stated that the two suspects who sprayed the substance are still unknown.

According to ActionSA’s statement, the three women were allegedly trampled as they attempted to flee the establishment during a stampede.

They died within the pub. Four other minors who were present at the establishment were transported to the hospital for treatment of dizziness and coughing. “The reported arrest of the establishment’s manager will not bring comfort to the family members of the young women, but it ought to send a clear message to owners of similar businesses not to grant access to juveniles and not to sell alcohol to them,” the report said.

ActionSA emphasized that underage drinking is a serious social and public health issue in South Africa, but that it does not receive the attention and legal enforcement that it clearly requires.

“Indirectly or directly, society is affected by the consequences of underage drinking. This is a nationwide issue, not just a problem affecting a few families. “Not only has underage drinking caused needless deaths, but it also impairs judgment, causes injuries, and increases the risk of physical and sexual assault,” the report stated.

In addition to law enforcement agencies and liquor store owners, the political party stated that parents and guardians should play a significant role in shaping the attitudes of our youth toward alcohol.

Parenting is made more difficult by the influence of social media, and young, emotionally immature children should not have unrestricted access to these platforms. This, however, necessitates that parents and guardians are constantly present and aware of the activities of the children in their care, as stated.

In addition, parents and guardians were urged to remain vigilant throughout the remainder of the holiday season and beyond.

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“We challenge the provincial premier to establish a hotline for reporting establishments that willfully allow minors into their establishments and serve them alcohol. “An ActionSA government will strictly enforce liquor licensing regulations and encourage socially responsible behavior and healthy citizens,” the platform states.

In June, 21 teenagers died at the Enyobeni Tavern in East London, allegedly due to overcrowding, in a similar incident.

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