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Suspected Zama zama’s kill four at tavern. Police on scene

Murder scene investigating scene

According to eNCA’s reporting from Sunday, four people were murdered in a bar in Florida, which is located west of Johannesburg. This is according to Times Live.

“At this point, there is very little information available. A large number of forensic investigators are currently swarming the crime scene and collecting evidence.

“It would appear that members of the community believe that the zama zamas [illegal miners] have something to do with it,” an eNCA journalist reported.

According to Ward Councillor Keke Tabane, community members believed the shooting was connected to the activities of illegal miners because they felt threatened by them.

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I learned that there had been a shooting at the local pub from a message sent to my WhatsApp account by the leaders of the community. Once we entered the tavern, we discovered that there were already four dead bodies inside.

They claimed that there had been three illegal miners who happened to come and shot at people, threatening to return for more victims.

It has been relayed to us that they come from Zimbabwe. According to Tabane, it is unclear whether or not they are connected to illegal mining.

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