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Ramaphosa’s Likely Step Down Signals Promising Future


Political Crisis: President Cyril Ramaphosa Likely to Step Down as ANC Withdraws Support

South Africa is gripped by a political crisis as the African National Congress (ANC) withdraws its support for President Cyril Ramaphosa. Speculations are rife that Cyril will step down in the coming hours, adding to the uncertainty surrounding the nation’s leadership. This article delves into the circumstances leading to this momentous decision and examines its potential implications.

ANC Withdraws Support, Ramaphosa’s Resignation Imminent

In a surprising turn of events, the ANC has withdrawn its political support for President Cyril, indicating that his resignation as president is highly likely. Reports state that Cyril will step down not only from the ANC presidency but also withdraw his candidacy for re-election at Nasrec in less than two weeks. The decision comes amidst mounting pressure and internal political turmoil.

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a foot on its way to step down

David Mabuza to Assume Acting Presidency

According to the constitutional provisions, David Mabuza, the deputy president and former premier of Mpumalanga, will assume the role of acting president until Parliament elects a new leader.

The upcoming ANC leadership selection, scheduled for mid-December, will determine the individual who is expected to assume the position of state president during a special session of Parliament at the end of the month.

Opposition Calls for Early Election

The Democratic Alliance (DA) has filed a motion demanding the dissolution of Parliament and an early election in the following year. The motion reflects the opposition’s concerns regarding the credibility of the current government and aims to address the potential loss of credibility that South Africa may face in the wake of these political developments.

former chief justice sandile ngcobo handovers section 89 report to the speaker of parliament nosiviwe mapisa-nqakula.

President Faces Credibility Crisis: Sandile Ngcobo Report

A Section 89 panel led by former chief justice Sandile Ngcobo found evidence suggesting that Cyril may have violated the Constitution and anti-corruption laws in relation to the Phala Phala game farm. This development has left Cyril with limited options, as his legal counsel cautioned against the uncertain prospect of successfully challenging the Sandile Ngcobo report in court.

Additionally, Cyril aims to avoid a public trial through a parliamentary impeachment process, having previously suspended Busisiwe Mkhwebane, the Public Protector, from a similar procedure.

former chief  constitutional court judge sandile gcobo who authoured the ngcobo report

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Ramaphosa’s Accomplishments and Controversies: From Democracy to Phala Phala Game Farm

Prior to his political career, Cyril amassed a fortune outside of politics and played a key role in rebuilding institutions and state-owned businesses during his tenure as vice president and president. Notable achievements include restoring credibility to the National Prosecuting Authority and empowering the Special Investigating Unit (SIU) to combat corruption effectively. However, recent allegations involving the theft of millions of rands at Cyril’s Phala Phala game farm have tarnished his credibility, with charges of concealing the source of money and obstructing a police investigation.

Eroding Support and Calls for Resignation

Cyril has faced mounting criticism and diminishing support within the ANC NEC since the publication of the Ngcobo report. Former ardent supporters now call for his resignation, expressing frustration over his perceived lack of urgency in confronting political adversaries. Dissatisfaction among Matamela-aligned activists and government officials has grown, with concerns that the progress achieved in his leadership, including the removal of former President Jacob Zuma, is being undone.

a wall at phala phala game farm

Ramaphosa’s Legacy and Responsible Transition

Acknowledging the lack of support within the ANC NEC, Cyril has reportedly decided to resign to “save his legacy.” Negotiations are underway to manage the transition responsibly, ensuring the stability of governance and the economy. Supporters close to the president, while coming to terms with his fate, remain hopeful that the strides made in cleaning up the government over the past four years will endure.

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South Africa finds itself at a critical juncture as the President’s resignation looms large. The ANC’s withdrawal of support and the subsequent political crisis have heightened uncertainty about the nation’s future leadership. The implications of these developments on governance, the economy, and South Africa’s global standing remain to be seen as the country navigates through this turbulent period.

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