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Rapper Sean Paul, is launching his own pepper sauce

Sean Paul is releasing a pepper sauce made from his own vegetables because he is such an avid gardener.

The 39-year-old rapper created the mixture after starting to garden while stranded at home during the Covid-19 lockdowns.

I garden, he said on Thursday, according to The Sun. In my garden, I’ve prepared a small patch where I’ve planted pak choi, sweet peppers, tomatoes, eggplants, and lettuce. The scotch bonnets are still producing right now, and yesterday I harvested about 60 of them. I have people to look after them for me while I’m on tour. I have so many that I’ve decided to launch my own pepper sauce, called Scorcha. It will be accessible around the year’s end.

He acknowledged, however, that his attempt to make ginger beer was “a disaster”.

The sauce bears Paul’s eighth studio album’s name; on August 23, Newcastle will be the first stop on his UK tour.

“Scorcha was released in May, so I have a lot of new songs to showcase, and we’ll be performing the hits,” he continued. It’s going to be enjoyable. I’ve been contacting potential special guests and am crossing my fingers.

The father of two also mentioned that he is getting ready for a huge party to celebrate his 50th birthday in January.

I’m the party guy, I do it every day, he continued. Therefore, I just relax with my family on my birthday. I will throw something because it is a significant day and a big milestone.

And he insisted that Botox is not the cause of his youthful appearance.

When questioned about trying cosmetics, Paul responded, “Nah man, it comes from good food. I’ve been fortunate to experience the different lifestyle that Jamaica has to offer. I have younger children as a result of the business. “Most of my kids’ friends’ parents are about 20 years younger than me, so I waited and worked hard before it was time to start a family. The hectic nature of travelling keeps me alert.

It does get harder, but I’ve never felt like, “Nah, I’m not doing this any more,” he continued, adding that he had no plans to retire. Even though I have enough money, I prefer to take it easy when I get home from a demanding tour. After a day or two of recuperation, I’ll be back in the studio. Because I love it, I always do it. I’m really kept going on stage by seeing people have fun.

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