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Seven people gunned down over chicken feet

Eleven people were shot on Saturday evening in Finetown, Ennerdale, when four suspects attempted to rob street vendors selling chicken feet. The suspects were seen fleeing the scene after the shooting. As a direct result of the shooting, seven people were killed and four others were injured, according to IOL.

According to Brigadier Muridili, “There were four males and one female who passed away at the scene, and two females who passed away after being transported to the hospital.”

A statement that was released on Sunday indicated that one of the injured victims had passed away earlier on Sunday while being treated at the hospital.

In the aftermath of the incident, Lieutenant General Mawela has begun looking into the matter as a matter of priority.

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According to the reports that were provided by Brigadier Muridili, it is alleged that four suspects attempted to rob the street vendors who were selling chicken feet, and the vendors allegedly tried to resist and threw stones at the suspects, causing the suspects’ vehicle’s rear window to become damaged. In addition, the reports state that the suspects’ vehicle was involved in the incident.

After that, the suspects fled in their vehicle, but they came back after some time armed with firearms and opened fire on the vendors and bystanders.

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