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‘Supporters of the EFF are largely illiterate’

According to Times Live, After disparaging EFF supporters as “highly illiterate” in a tirade directed at the party’s leader Julius Malema, Natasha Mazzone, the DA’s shadow minister for state security, has come under fire.

Biz News interviewed Mazzone in response to her open letter, in which she challenged Malema to a public discussion about remarks he made at a recent EFF gathering.

The former DA chief whip wrote that Malema needed to be told directly that his admiration for autocrats and fascists was deeply troubling.

Additionally, she declared that she would report Malema to the State Security Agency and charged him with terrorism, sabotage, subversion, espionage, and organized crime.

Mazzone asserted in her interview that Malema’s supporters’ presence at rallies make it simple for him to say the things he does.

“I think it’s very simple to act brave when you’re speaking in front of a group of your supporters because you know no one is going to challenge you, so you can act like the big man, in my opinion.

As a result of their education level and the healthy meal you provided them, your supporters will likely cheer you on and lead you to believe that you possess power that you actually don’t, according to Mazzone.

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She referred to Malema as a “obvious fraud” and exposed him for going wild in Ibiza earlier this year.

He is clearly a fraud. I’m referring to the fact that while the people he claims to support could never even dream of the luxuries that he enjoys on a daily basis, he was in Ibiza flaunting his extremely fancy DJing abilities, dressing in crisp white Gucci, and living it up on yachts.

They are ignorant of the existence of these luxuries. It just drove home how desperately this nation needs to expose Julius Malema as the fraud that he is, said Mazzone.

Malema attended the wedding festivities of the daughter of alleged cigarette smuggler Adriano Mazzotti.

Malema explained the trip on Podcast and Chill, saying: “South Africans were concerned about a man who goes to Ibiza with his wife when they’ve got so many problems. I am not their leader. They chose their own government and received what they deserved.

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