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Uncle and niece found dead in a river

Following the completion of their rituals, the bodies of an uncle and his niece were discovered in the river at Eldorado Park. After going missing for nearly a week, the two were dead.

“The two victims were reported missing after they were last seen going to a river in Eldorado Park to perform rituals,” said the police. “The river is located in Eldorado Park.” According to IOL.

The bodies of Thulani Mayixhale and Asisipho Lee were reportedly found on October 17 and 18, 2022, and search and rescue teams from the South African Police Service (SAPS) located and recovered both of the victims’ bodies.

Following a search that lasted for six days, Mauixhale’s girlfriend tweeted that the couple’s bodies had been discovered and that both had died.

Early on the morning of Friday, October 14, Monica Solwandle posted a message on both Twitter and Facebook asking for assistance in locating her partner, whom she hadn’t seen since the previous day.

In a tweet, Solwandle said, “My partner, niece, and the family dog have been missing since yesterday.” They drive an Audi A1 1.4 TFSI that is red in color. They started their journey to Lenasia at 10:38. The most recent location tracker was found in Lenasia at 11:27.

Later that day, Solwande announced in a tweet that the dog and the car had been located together. She was clueless as to the whereabouts of both her partner and her niece.

“Wallet, Money, and Phones have all been stolen, and a window has been shattered. Because we couldn’t find the original key to the car, we had to use the spare. My partner and my niece have not been located, but the authorities won’t assign a detective to the case until Monday. Whatever it is that you see or hear. DM Solwandle requested that you please state.

The specifics of the incident are currently unknown, but an investigation into the case has been opened.

According to the statements made by Sello, “The police have opened an inquest docket.”

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