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AKA shoved Anele off balcony – Tembe family

The Tembe family has sent a scathing letter to the NPA, alleging that AKA forced Anele from the balcony, IOL reports.

According to the reports, the multi-award-winning rapper shoved Anele Tembe off a balcony.

The charges surfaced just days after the National Prosecution Authority explained why no one was prosecuted in Tembe’s death.

Western Cape Director of the NPA Nicolette Bell opted not to prosecute Tembe’s death and instead sent the case for an inquest.

Tembe is said to have died after falling from the 10th storey of the Pepperclub Hotel in Cape Town in April 2021.

Tembe’s family, sent a letter to the NPA after the decision not to prosecute AKA was decided.

According to the letter, AKA pushed his girlfriend. It also claimed that there was “enough evidence” to proceed with the prosecution.

According to excerpts from the letter, AKA and a hotel employee lied to authorities and that evidence given throughout the inquiry was ignored.

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It was said that AKA and Tembe were heard bickering in the hotel and a witness claimed Tembe requested AKA to leave her alone moments before her “fall”.

AKA was assassinated together with his former manager and long-time friend, Tebello ‘Tibz’ Motsoane, on Durban’s Florida Road.

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