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Amanda DuPont divorced after a secretive 3-year-long marriage

amanda du pont divorced, ingle and ready to mingle

On Friday, Amanda DuPont and Shawn Rodriques finalized their divorce after nearly three years of marriage.

According to Times Live, There were no indications that the couple’s marriage was in jeopardy.

The only time the media personality’s marriage was a topic of conversation was in May of last year, when she begged a prominent blogger not to include her name in his gossip after she was accused of having a new partner.

The actress denied having a new boyfriend after the blogger claimed to have seen her in Cape Town with her new boyfriend.

She took to Twitter to set the record straight, posting a video of herself and her friends enjoying a night out and revealing that the man in the photos was her bodyguard.

Amanda DuPont and Shawn Rodrigues

Amanda and Shawn Rodriques became engaged in July 2018, and she shared a video on Instagram displaying her enormous engagement ring to announce the news.

Amanda DuPont’s bae Shawn pulled out all the stops for his proposal in the Maldives.

He whisked her away to an island picnic where he popped the question on one knee.

amanda dupont has divorced her husband.

Amanda described her engagement as a “dream come true” in an emotional video.

Shortly thereafter, Amanda Dupont stunned her fans by announcing she was officially married.

She revealed that her grandmother’s dying wish was for her to get married before she passed away.

She wrote a lengthy Instagram post about her grandmother’s desire to witness her walk down the aisle, despite not posting any wedding photos or ceremony on social media.

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“I misplaced my cellphone last night. If you knew me well, you would recognize that she was my favorite. My entire body is aching and excruciatingly painful, but I am relieved that you are resting and no longer in pain.

“She promised to wait until my marriage took place. Over the past few years, she has hinted that she was growing weary. I’m married and fine, grandmother; I hope you are as well. Maye ngitakukhumbula! Rest in Complete Peace.”

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