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Yes, i am divorced. So, what! – Mpho Maboi

Mpho Maboi has, at long last, addressed the rumors and rumors surrounding her marriage to the legendary soccer player Reneilwe Letsholonyane, according to Times Live.

This came about as a result of rumors that were spread on social media after Mpho went back to just using her old surname on her social media, prompting a person on Twitter to speculate that the two were no longer together.

On Wednesday, the media celebrity addressed herself against tweeps who had begun to ignore her as a result of the rumors by posting her defense on Twitter.

Mpho appeared to confirm the rumors in the post by writing, “Oh, and trying to shame me for being divorced doesn’t work on me… try another ‘insult.'” At this point, I’ve heard everything there is to hear.

Mpho verified the news that she had wed her lover in a private ceremony in 2017 while in a conversation with DJ Fresh. The event took place in 2017.

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“Yes, he has now become my husband,” she responded. We got married. “It is finished,” was her response.

“From my perspective, I do not believe that that is the logical conclusion for everyone. It’s important to remember that not everyone wants to tie the knot, and we shouldn’t try to force people into marriage against their will.

In the beginning of this year, Mpho declared that she and her partner would not be having a traditional white wedding.

We are not going to have a traditional white wedding. Mpho’s comment at the time was, “I don’t get the concept of a white wedding since we have already done the usual rituals and all. I don’t see the necessity for a white wedding.”

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