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Bouga Luv celebrates 20 years sober

Kabelo “Bouga Luv” Mabalane, a Kwaito star, author, and businessman who has been vocal about his battle with drug addiction, is marking a watershed moment in his rehabilitation.

In an interview Mabalane stated that it all started with beer, marijuana, and then cocaine.

He once went on a four-day cocaine binge, which resulted in him being hospitalized.

Mabalane, an ordained preacher who also utilized social media on Thursday, told Mzansi he has been sober for 20 years.

The star stated, “A ride unlike any other began 20 years ago today.

This experience has enabled me to become more grounded, and I now believe in miracles. Jesus, God bless you. You can do the same thing that I can.

His actress wife Gail Mabalane also congratulated the musician on his triumph via Instagram.

“#LOML 20 YEARS CLEAN AND SOBER TODAY,” she said on Instagram. @kabelomabalane, you inspire me and many others. We are overjoyed with you. ” 143 #LookAtGod.”

The Kwaito star’s fans and admirers swamped Mabalane’s comments section with encouraging words.
“Right now, I am at a loss for words, but let me just say that the God you serve is a magnificent God,” media tycoon Basetsana Kumalo stated.

“The honesty of your path, openly communicating it,” she remarked. You are a legend for openly and honestly leading our church and so many others around the country! “Modimo o mohau,” or God is graceful.
Thami Dish, a media figure, stated, “I adore it, and I adore you.

That’s fantastic. What excellent achievement! Singer Janine Price screamed, “God’s Mercy!
In an interview with Eusebius McKaiser on 702 in 2018, Mabalane claimed, “People do drugs and abuse drugs because they’re trying to deal with the issue.”

“I hurt a lot of people. I was quite disruptive, “Mabalane explained.

While speaking at the funeral of another TKZee bandmate, Mabalane announced the release of a tribute CD in honor of Tokollo “Magesh” Tshabalala to fans.

He stated that every time TKZee performs, they will honor Magesh’s legacy.

“TKZee will not vanish; it will remain… If we do perform, I was thinking about putting a microphone in a bucket on the stage. That is how we will handle ourselves at every performance.

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