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Dog cuddling: wife sleeps in the guest room so hubby can sleep with big dog

Dog cuddling: Dennis the bulldog is like a son to Sam and Craig. (Image: Kennedy News and Media)

Dennis the bulldog is like a son to Sam and Craig (Image: Kennedy News and Media)

A devoted dog owner, who believes in dog cuddling, revealed that she chooses to sleep in the guest bedroom so that her pampered pooch can snuggle with her husband. Dennis, a four-year-old bulldog, enjoys a lavish lifestyle at home, even being fed breakfast and dinner with a fork. Dennis has his own seat and cutlery, and his drool is wiped between bites.

Sam Grant, 52, and Craig Grant, 54, sleep separately so that their lovable dog can resume cuddling with his best friend. Sam stated, “Craig adores him; he is undoubtedly my husband’s dog. He has always slept with Craig every night; we sleep separately so the dog can sleep with him. It’s lovely.”

Since their children Leah, 30, and Jordan, 28, moved out, the couple from Bowerhill, Wiltshire, treats Dennis as if he were a baby and calls him their “son.”

But why dog cuddling?

Sam explained, “Since all of our children have left, he is now our son and my replacement.”

The mother of two lavishes affection on her furry child and serves him Sunday roasts and breakfast at the table “as if he were a human.”

Dennis is so well-mannered that he waits for his owners to finish their meal before consuming his tea.

Sam stated, “He has always sat at the table; he began when he was a puppy, and we didn’t mind. He has his own seat, which he pulls out before sitting down.”

Once or twice a day, he eats with us if we are all seated together, and he is not fed until we have finished.

“He sits down and observes the food, but he would never eat it.

“After finishing our meal, we feed him with a fork, as if he were a baby.”

Dennis consumes toast and butter every morning. He constantly consumes whatever Sam and Craig are eating.

Sam stated, “He’s like a human, and I enjoy wiping his chops because it’s bonding.”

I wouldn’t take him to the Ritz, but he eats extremely well and gently.

Dog cuddling is a thing?: Dennis the dog at the eating table (Source: Kennedy News and Media)
Dennis the cuddling dog at the eating table enjoying sausages and eggs

“He does not have his own cutlery or plate, but I use Dennis’s slightly older forks.” We simply washed them in the dishwasher in the hottest setting.

If he stole food, we wouldn’t allow him to be so well-mannered.

Sam concedes that some individuals are “repulsed by it,” but their guests now anticipate Dennis’s presence. No doubt, some people wouldn’t dare ave a dog inside their house, let alone their bed.

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The pampered dog is also taken to doggie daycare once a week so he can socialize with his furry friends.

Sam remarked, “They have a garden with a playground and a section furnished with sofas in the style of a living room.”

He has attended Jubilee and Halloween parties and enjoys them.

“He doesn’t need to go because he goes out every day, but since he’s alone, we want him to get along with other dogs.” He is anxious to leave.”

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