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Ex-wife’s R50K child support & R100K personal maintenance claims rejected

court rejects R50k and R100k divorce settlement

A High Court rejected a request from a former wife for R100,000 in monthly maintenance and R50,000 in child support after hearing from the woman’s ex-husband that her demands were unrealistic and out of his financial reach.

In an ante-nuptial agreement that included an accrual regime, the parties were married.

The couple made the decision to file for divorce when their marriage hit its lowest point. The wife expressed a desire to keep their 9-year-old son in the marital home in court documents. She demanded that the husband pay R100 000 toward her lifelong personal maintenance and R50,000 toward child support, IOL reports.

She also requested that her ex-husband cover the child’s medical and educational costs, as well as her own.

She claimed that their son participated in extracurricular activities like swimming, Kumon, Mandarin, and piano and demanded payment from the ex-husband for those as well.

She also complained that her ex-husband allegedly diverted funds from the bond payments for the home she and their son shared to travel and shop instead.

The resentful ex-husband responded by informing the court that he was jobless and that his employment contract had ended on November 30, 2022.

He claimed that his monthly net income fell from R243 000 to R95 000. He continued by saying that since the divorce began, all of his capital reserves had been used up

Because he had to pay more than R165 000 per month in bond payments, child support, and alimony.

He claimed that the excessive amount of maintenance and other costs he was required to pay as a direct result of his ex-refusal wife’s to leave their marital home caused him to experience cash flow problems, and he had since been unable to pay the bond on the marital home.

He added that he was prepared to give his ex-wife the keys to a bond-free home in Gauteng and that he had complied with the ante-nuptial agreement’s terms.

Additionally, he claimed that since losing his job, he had been forced to take out loans totaling more than 500,000 Rand. He added that he now relied on consulting work and a stipend from a business he co-owned for income.

He also informed the court that his ex-wife had at least two homes, a sizeable savings account, and received income from a family trust but refused to look for work.

The ex-wife accused the ex-husband of fraud, nondisclosures, asset concealment, and making a false statement under oath, but the judge found that her accusations were unhelpful.

Wille mandated that the ex-husband pay R25 000 in support for the ex-wife and the son, who is still a minor.

Along with paying for education, sports, and extracurricular activities, he will also cover medical costs.

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In the event that the ex-wife vacates the marital residence, she will receive R35 000 in maintenance payments for herself and her son, R35 000 in rent payments, and R1000 in electricity payments.

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