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Fearing FIFA sanctions, EU nations ditch One Love armbands

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After receiving pressure from FIFA in the form of potential sporting penalties, England and Wales decided that they would not wear anti-discrimination armbands during Monday’s World Cup matches, AOL reports.

A statement that was issued from seven European nations that had signed up for the One Love campaign, including England and Wales, confirmed that the armbands would no longer be worn after they said that they would no longer be worn.

The first part of the statement read as follows: “FIFA has been very clear that it will enforce sporting punitive measures if our captains wear armbands on the playing field.”

“As national federations, we cannot place our athletes in a situation where they may face sporting sanctions, such as yellow cards. Therefore, we have requested that the captains refrain from wearing armbands while their teams compete in the FIFA World Cup.

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“FIFA has made it abundantly clear that sporting sanctions will be imposed if our skippers wear armbands on the playing field. Because we cannot put our athletes in a position where they could potentially face sporting sanctions, we have requested that the captains refrain from wearing the armbands during the FIFA World Cup games.

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