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How can I avoid squandering leftovers?

We’re all looking for ways to reduce our spending because of the exorbitant prices and upcoming inflation.

Fortunately, there are many ways for us as consumers to reduce food waste at home, which will ultimately benefit both our wallets and the environment.

Here are a few suggestions to help you waste less food at home.

Create stock

By adding leftover chicken carcasses and vegetables, such as celery ends, carrot peelings, and onion cores, to water. Scraps can be added to a bag or container that you keep in your freezer as you go.

preserving any leftover vegetables

It’s simple and brilliant to use any leftover scraps by pickling your vegetables. Cucumbers, onions, carrots, cabbage, and zucchini can all be chopped and re-immersed in pickle juice or apple cider vinegar.

After a day or two of marinating, they will be prepared to be served as a side dish or a delectable salad topping.

Start baking.

Make rum balls by blending leftover cake, dessert squares, cookies, or even pecan pie with some cream cheese, Nutella, or peanut butter (liquor is optional).

Form into spheres and coat with sprinkles, chopped nuts, or cookie crumbs. They should be placed in a plastic container between layers of waxed paper and frozen. You’re all set. You just finished up a portion of your weekend baking.

To extend the shelf life of your herbs, add them to ice cubes.

Did you know that portioning out chopped fresh herbs into ice cube trays will extend their shelf life?

Simply cover them with water until they are completely submerged, then freeze them.

You can put it in a sandwich bag after it has frozen to get your ice tray back. You will have a handy portion on hand the next time you need to use herbs in your cooking (or even your gin).

Upgrade your alcohol supply.

Who knew that preserving food could add a little spice to your home bar? Produce and herb scraps can be used to flavour alcoholic beverages.

To add new flavours to a bottle of gin or tequila, save any extra mint leaves, stems, or citrus pieces. Simply keep those leftover food pieces in the bottles for two days or so

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