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Japan baffled by a mystery spherical discovered on a beach

Mysterious sphere

A big metal sphere that washed up on a beach in Japan has baffled the inhabitants there and sparked a frenzy of discussion due to its mysterious appearance.

The authorities, including the police and the bomb squad that were sent to investigate, are unable to comment on what it is at this time, the BBC reports.

But what is known is that it is an empty threat, and not one that should be taken seriously. Several people believe that it is some kind of buoy.

The discovery made in the coastal city of Hamamatsu has been given several names by the city’s residents, including “Godzilla egg,” “mooring buoy,” and “from outer space.”

NHK, a Japanese television network, aired footage of two authorities on Enshuhama Beach examining at the rusty metal sphere, which appeared to be approximately 1.5 meters (4.9 feet) across.

Someone who lives in the area discovered it and reported it to the authorities when they saw something peculiar lying on the beach.

The location was sealed off by the authorities, and X-ray scans were performed, but they did not give very much additional information other than the fact that the object was not dangerous.

Considering the fact that the ball had been in that location for some time, a runner who was on the beach informed the local media that he was shocked by the ruckus. According to NHK, he was quoted as stating, “I attempted to push it but it wouldn’t budge.”

The authorities in the area have stated that the object will be removed in the near future.

The discovery of something of this nature might not ordinarily give rise to concern; but, it comes at a time when widespread anxiety is being caused by mysterious objects ever since the United States shot down what was believed to be a Chinese surveillance balloon earlier this month.

Separately, Japan voiced its worry to China on Wednesday on what it believes to be surveillance balloons that have been detected above the country’s sky at least three times since the beginning of 2019. This is an allegation that Japan initially raised last week. Beijing strongly refutes allegations of involvement in spying.

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On Wednesday, the defense ministers of the two countries got together for what was the first high-level senior bilateral security meeting in four years. All parties came to an agreement that they would work on establishing a communications hotline by the spring of this year.

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